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Thai Massage Question

January 23, 2013 by Aisha

Hello Aisha,

I’m in London next week and I’d like to spend some time with a girl that is especially good at Thai massage. Olivia’s profile states that she does a pro massage, is she the best or do you recommend someone else?

Thank you!

Hi thanks for your question.

Yes Olivia she have the good feedback for Thai massage can read here a report for Olivia from 17/12/2012. And I know last year she be trying for start do Nuru massage for some clients. I not sure right now if she still have the Nuru oil but if you want have to book in advance so she can order this. And I think also she be charge extra for Nuru because is little bit expensive for get the oil have to import from Japan.

About is she the best for massage I can not say because too difficult for answer. Most the girls and maybe all the girls from my agency can do Thai massage.
I can say my feeling be that Love, Holly and Zizzi are be some my top choice for massage.

I know Love/Marisa is very experienced and she has nice bedroom with private bathroom inside. Yes I know Love she don’t have many the reviews on my site but don’t think too much about that. Before she join my site I be follow punters talking good about her for nearly 2 years on punternet forum and she (and Cherry) one of the only girl that I want for my agency for long time before they start available on Invasian.

In my mind Holly should be much more the popular. Is nearly one year she be with my agency and her feedback is get better every time. She look good and I think is good for give massage service. Last week have very good review for her and that client talking about how Holly’s massage is from a report on the 19/01/2013.

Zizzi is very new for my agency. From about November 2012 have couple the regular clients of my be keep telling me how good she is and them introducing her for come join my site. You can read from my good client Worldpunter recommending Zizzi .
All her feedback is be say same thing that she make good service be very important for her. Only be get not many booking for her because she is the new but already have I think 3 clients return for go see her. About her massage have good review about this .

I hope this be help you. Sorry if my english no good make you confuse!



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