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The correct answer about Foxy's Breasts

March 22, 2014 by Aisha

Aisha, Foxy does have enhanced breasts w silicone, or if not silicone, something much harder. I know you aren’t trying to lie. And I didn’t write any reviews. But I don’t want your people to not trust you because you are so strong in your answer that they are all natural breasts. They are not all natural.

Yes honey you right! I’m very sorry before I get confuse with Lilly and also because Foxy breasts small size for have silicone. Most time the girl have silicone be have size 34D and up. Thank you for check and correct my mistake! Big kiss for you darling… and if you see me you can give me spanking. 😳
Please send me another question with your email or your name so I can make sure we can get you discount on your next booking for say thank you.
Also another update today from Foxy, she confirm can do lesbian duo with Lilly and Love.
Big kiss.
(naughty girl) Aisha

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