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When are the videos of Aisha going to be on?

January 23, 2013 by Aisha

Aisha ka, when are the video’s of you coming on your site . I wait and wait . ? It’s a great marketing idea and it shows how you truly are . Look what the natural pics did for Maylo , she is so busy now and popular .


[ this ask aisha is a good feature , I like the idea , hope you don’t get too many stupid questions , like will you marry me ? I think I asked that before about 2 years ago xx ]

Thanks for your question Worldpunter.
Yes videos be coming back soon on my site. I haves to take off all the videos like before have on home page just before New Year because getting too much traffic all the horny men keep click and watching again and again. New video I want is to be the HD so having for first get some company can help me put on videos for everyone see. I not wanting put the youtube because is not helping for my site in the google.

My plan be for put on videos start the new year but I think you know first two week of January I be busy trying to fix that problems with that bad guy TDW.

So I very tired after do that and you know is problem for me if I not be do booking for some guys wanting to see me after they go on the Pnet for complain “why Aisha is not available?” so is difficult sometime for me get free time be put new thing on for my website. Most guy them not understand how difficult is be for make good business because very much the competition and can not be competition the price and many the girls be on many website so is difficult for win booking for business have many same style business be in competition charge same price and same portfolio also.

You can read my old post about competition in perspective of this Industry

Anyway back to talkings about the video. Yes I not sure what better for have bright video with me talking or have some kinda the dark sexy video with me do some naughty stuff! I not sure. When trying for do some video have me talking same like the interview is difficult because is hard for relax and be the comfortables when have camera in your face! But I see videos I have make before me doing something naughty is better for me relax more and be more enjoy what I doing.

Don’t worry guy same I say “coming soon soon”.


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