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Jennifer Sakura

New hottest duo in London, Jennifer and Sakura for a wild time in Bayswater/Queensway W2.

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Typical Hours: 11am until midnight.

Sunday 16th February 2020: *Active per standard hours*

Provides Outcall Services? NO

Duos with:

Bookings line: 07920-156-455. New clients please read the bookings guide.

Area of Operations

In-call Location: , London

Tube stations: Bayswater (District and Circle Lines) 5min walk, Queensway Station.

Travel tools: Journey planner, tube map.


Stats: Sakura: 5'4'', 34D Enhanced Busty rack on this athletic slim Asian Female. Jennifer: 34B enhanced, 160cm tall, brunette, slim Asian Female.


Incall rates: 30mins - £200, 1hr - £280, 1.5hrs - £440, 2hrs - £560, 3hrs - £800

Outcall rates: -

*Price Match is available* See the Offers Section for details

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Jennifer Sakura's Reviews

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June 7, 2019, 1h Incall appointment, First visit by CoolM

Booked Jennifer and Sakura after seeing their amazing pictures and reviews, was not dissapointed.

Arrived at the quiet and discreet little flat at the booked time slot and went in. The next hour turned into an absolutely crazy erotic blur. covered various "acrobatics" with the ladies, massages and

Stumbled home in a happy exhausted daze covered in baby oil .
highly reccomended.

January 21, 2019, 1 hr Incall appointment, First visit by Guy Fawkes

Excellent service by Jennifer and Sakura. Both looked great and gave two amazing massages between bouts. Will return!

December 15, 2018, 1 hours Incall appointment, First visit by Ben

I originally placed a booking with Jennifer & sakura, but an hour or so beforehand Sakura wasn't available. However Aisha was most helpful and after a few quick texts had lined up a replacement for Sakura in the form of Jennifer's new friend who has just moved over (apologies I forget her name). I arrived out of the pouring rain and was welcomed by both girls who looked hot as can be !. Jennifer dressed to the nines in full porn star gear and her friend looking equally as hot but in a more reserved way. After a quick kissing session on the sofa, I was lead to the shower room to freshen up. I came back into the room with just my shorts on which could barely restrain my throbbing cock, the girls had these off in no time and were quickly taking turns to please me, licking and sucking like crazy. at some point Jennifer reached to the end of the bed and pulled out 2 vibrators which they used to tease my cock and balls. I was heating up far too quickly so I decided it was time to return the favour. I undressed them both and ordered them to both kneel down on all fours and stick their asses in the air...what a heavenly sight. I proceeded to rim them both furiously, devouring their beautiful asses and fingering the other and so on. i could have kept on like this for the whole hour to be honest but at some point Jennifer's friend wriggled away and wrapped her lips back around my cock. At this point I could hold back no longer, so i quickly pulled out and exploded a torrent of cum all over her face and body. The girls didn't let me rest though - there was no 20 mins massage here ! Jennifer pulled me over and insisted on getting me to use her vibrator on her, she wanted me to get my face as close as possible to the action. She then rolled me over and sat on my face, grinding her pussy up and down whist her friend was playing with me slowly bringing life back into the old fella. It was time to put on a cap and take them both doggy style first, then cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. my hour was soon almost up and it took a while for pop number two to come, when it did Jennfier had her lips back around me and I was fingering her friend to a rampant orgasm. most definitely the best hour's fun of last year. I'm looking forward to trying a solo with Jennifer's new friend at some point this year.. thanks girls ! B

July 27, 2018, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Dazza

Amazing time with these 2 awesome ladies. I don't know how they fit it all in to an hour. They are a man's best tag team! Great clean apartment, easy to find. Stocked fridge to keep me hydrated through the energetic session. The girls looked stunning with curves in all the right places. Offered a nice shower and then the fun started. Both oiled up and got to work on me. Hands, tits, tongues, asses...I was in dreamland. Jennifer ended up sitting on my face until the first load was emptied by Sakura. Now it was time for the girls to show off their massaging skills. Deep, hard and very good. Sakura worked on the lower half whilst Jennifer gave me a close up view and taste of her amazing tits and ass. Time for round 2 with Jennifer whispering in my ear 'do you wanna f*ck now?' Well what was I gonna say? Out came the toys and both girls teased, sucked and rode me till I was totally spent. I can't wait to go back. Thanks ladies xx

April 12, 2018, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Del

These two beauties are well worth a visit. Both dressed as requested. Returned from the shower as was immersed in between two oiled up writhing bodies, p*ssies and t*ts rubbed all over my face, vibrating toys used on me until I exploded everywhere. Got me going again after twenty minutes. W*nking me, s*cking me til I shook and c*m all over the place. Will definitely return

May 24, 2018, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, First visit by Marshall

WOW! Jennifer and Sakura are two of the nicest and downright naughty ladies I have ever cum across (escort or otherwise). They are both hotter than a Khao San Road curry - TOTAL fantasy women, with ‘dramatic’ make-up and eye lashes, luscious hair, taut bodies built for sin, and dressed up to the nines in provocative, ‘nearly-there’ lingerie that left VERY little to the imagination and thigh-high, platform-soled boots (white for Sakura; red for Jennifer - in fact, the poor things could hardly walk in them, and they were PVC, so were making their legs a bit sweaty so, once I’d had them posing for me for my delectation, I had them taken them off, much to their great relief – bless!). And Jennifer’s zanily decked-out ‘boudoir’ has to be seen to be believed - I won’t describe it because it will spoil the surprise, suffice to say it is night-time Piccadilly Circus and Times Square all rolled into one, and then some! Plus XXX movies on the TV and full-height, full-bed-length wardrobe door mirrors so you can watch the ‘action’ make for a complete porno experience for the senses! I’ve experienced some Invasian duos over the years, so I know ‘The Standard’, and this was really quite a mind-blowing session - these girls tag-teamed me to oblivion! It was an oiled-up, energetic, interlinking of bodies, with always one or both of the girls working my cock, and often getting into some pretty unique and exciting positions. Duo teasing and tantalising of my body and great sex with both girls meant I easily – possibly all too easily, really – came twice, after which the girls wound me down with a fabulous four-hand massage, with Sakura, in particular, attending to my neck and shoulders, which really needed loosening up. One thing – poor Jennifer managed to stub her toe near the beginning of the session, and then Sakura, during a change in position by the three of us on the bed, managed to make things worse by accidentally further jarring Jennifer’s toe! Jennifer was obviously in some pain, and concerned about her damaged toe nail, that I think it took the edge off things a bit for her but, fair play, and with great back-up from Sakura, she did her level best and soldiered-on like a real trouper – but she did look quite relieved when the session was over and she could get to treating her toe. So, a great session with two very lovely, very sexy and VERY naughty ladies. As I said at the beginning of this review - WOW! ;)) x

May 9, 2018, 90 mins Incall appointment, Return visit by Octavius

These two girls are like a well oiled machine designed to make sure you have a great time. They are very attentive, sexy as hell and great fun. What more can a man want?

April 14, 2018, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Keith

I had a superb hour with these two; both stunning in their own right, fun and attentive. Left with a spring in my step and will certainly be coming back for more.

February 2, 2018, 1hr Incall appointment, First visit by Octavius

Wow, these girls are hot. Had great hour with bodies everywhere. Just realised that leaving feedback will make it more difficult for me to get an appointment. Damn! Thanks girls for very sexy time. Xx

February 1, 2018, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Ian

After seeing their photo's and reviews I knew I had to see them. I'm glad I did, an amazing hour with two very horny young ladies. First pop didn't take long, these girls know how to work a c**k. No time to recover, these two were straight back on me. The best hour I've had in a long time. Will I return? You bet.
Thank you Aisha, this hour went above and beyond my expectations.

January 25, 2018, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Hugo

It's hard to know where to begin with this. I'll start by saying believe all the reviews! Not just of Jennifer and Sukura as a duo, but also of Jennifer (she has a lot of them, all glowing, all accurate).

The ambience is incredible - porn on the TV, a star studded ceiling, a mini bar with everything on offer, and bowls of fruit if you're peckish (I had a very nice cherry).

I was met by Sakura, who took great care of me while Jennifer got ready. Once the action started it was all a blur .... lots of positions, lots of orifices, lots of tongues. It was pornier than the porn on the TV which was very hardcore.

Sadly, all good things cum to an end, but even though my hour was nearly up Sakura treated me to a massage, and a very sexy rub down after my shower.

These are two incredibly sexy, attentive women. Treat them well - you get what you give, and don't be afraid to tell them what you want to get and give!

Finally, like me, you may have wondered why Sakura doesn't have her own listing on the website. Apparently it's just because she doesn't have enough for her own flat yet. Well, I hope that doesn't last long because she's superb in her own right, and well worrh seeing if you can't afford the sheer luxoury of two sex goddesses at once.

Thanks Jennifer, Sakura, and Invasion for an unforgettable experience.

November 24, 2017, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by JeffK

4th time with Jennifer & Sakura.
Everything freely available from both of them - from real GFE to kinky, even nasty, PSE. Wild imagination, free-roaming tongues and good people - will be back.

November 17, 2017, 1hour Incall appointment, First visit by London

Review for Jennifer and Sakura duo...I cannot recommended these two girls enough, they were incredible. If you have the opportunity go and see them. I will be back...incredible hour.


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