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Meet W2 Notting Hill Oriental escort Kate, a slim natural bust girl with excellent English. A much welcomed experienced service provider.

, London

From £100

100% Private Chat with us to book Kate or find out more.

5'5", 34C Natural bust, slim, sexy legs, brunette. Asian Female.

High: Another experienced hire.

Tuesday 28th June 2022: **** NO LONGER AVAILABLE - RETIRED****


Duos with: Maylo, Love.


Tube stations: Notting Hill Gate: District, Circle, Central Lines (3min walk). | Queensway: Central Line (5mins walk).

Travel tools: tube map.

Standard booking rates per escort.

Duration Incall Outcall
30 mins £100 N/A
1 hour £150 £200
1.5 hour £220 £300
2 hours £280 £360
3 hours £400 £500
4 hours £500 £600

*Price Match* We will match any cheaper agency rate found for a booking with Kate. See the Offers Section for details.

Provides Outcall Services? **** NO LONGER AVAILABLE - RETIRED****

Either call or send a Whatsapp message to book Kate or find out more.

New clients please read the bookings guide.

0 Reviews for Kate

*Discounts are available* submit a review for Kate and get £10 off your next 1 hour incall booking*. (*Call for terms and conditions.)

Hi Aisha – I’m a bit fed up with Kate, I’m sorry to say! I feel she really took advantage of my good nature. U know me – pretty ‘normal’, easy to get on with etc – and always give enthusiastic feedback. Session was 3-4.30 – she still had me talking (both fully dressed) at gone 4.20! Kate said I could stay because her next client wasn’t until 6 – but she still had me talking and generally wasting time (answering phone and texting) until we eventually had sex – but only 20 min, tops – she reckoned it was 30 min; but NO way! Was great sex, as it happens – just waaay too short for a 90 min booking! I just think I deserved better from her. I guess she thinks she’s leaving soon, and doesn’t care any more – just going through the motions for the money. Such a pity – my 1st 2 sessions with her were great! Not your fault – still a great agency! I won’t do a review – certainly not a bad one – that wouldn’t affect Kate because she’s leaving, and I don’t want it to reflect badly on your agency.

Hi I very sorry for hear about this and be thank you for be gentleman when try explains you feeling. Thank I understand you not want for do bad review because think worry about my agency. But have to do for be fair for everyone.
Big kiss for you and we talk soon I hope.

2013-05-17, 1.5 hours incall, return-visit by Marshall1

Just wanted to comment on what a great encounter I had with Kate yesterday, one of the nicest girls I’ve met! She made me feel at ease straight away and I almost forgot I was with an escort, it was a genuine GFE with a beautiful lady! It’s a shame she’s only here for another 20 days 🙁

2013-05-12, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Sparky

Kate is slim with perfect figure. Kate is fun and we had good laugh together and then moved on to more intimate enjoyment. Kate knows how to please a man very much, especially pleased me. Thanks Kate xxx

2013-04-27, 1.5 Hours incall, first-visit by Steve

I normally don’t visit the same escort more than once – in Kate’s case I think I may have to make an exception, so impressed with her I was. As well as being stunningly beautiful with an amazing fit and toned body she is also a very nice girl and great fun to be with. Our time together flew past and the sex was mind blowing and rampant. Those oral skills were so eagerly and expertly applied. My only worry is that Kate may have disturbed a few of her Notting Hill neighbours with her loud climaxing orgasm! She was a delight to be with and I’m sure she will be missed by Invasian on her return home.

My thanks again to the excellent team at Invasian; Aisha the elegant, innovative business woman and Tom the absolute gentleman and professional for another great booking experience.

2013-04-25, 1 hr incall, first-visit by CrespinWolfe

Very sensual hour spent with Kate, loved it!

2013-04-02, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Andyandy11

At the third attempt I managed to get to see Kate. She really does look as pretty as her pictures and has an amazingly beautiful and sexy body as well.

Unfortunately as a punt things didn’t really work out as well as they might. Kate’s opening gambits were that I wasn’t called Steve and that I was Chinese not English. This may have been a joke, but she seemed adamant and though I did my best to hide it I was really rather hurt. I come from generations of Yorkshire folk and am proud of my heritage. I’ve always assumed I am instantly recognisable as an English fuddy duddy at a hundred yards. It also hurts being told you are a liar – especially when you telling the truth!

After this rocky start matters did improve somewhat, but after a very pleasant round one, I had some issues rising to the occasion for round two. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it is annoying enough in itself. I didn’t attribute the difficulty to Kate at all, so it didn’t help for her to suggest I was having problems because I thought she was “ugly” or I “didn’t like her”. Indeed repeatedly making these remarks seemed to make matters worse rather than better. We finally struggled to the finish line, but more with the feeling of “thank goodness that’s over” rather than the usual “Wow! Wow! Wow!” to which I am now so accustomed on a visit to one of Aisha’s friends.

When I left I was downhearted rather than uplifted – a rare occurrence after a punt.

Kate and I were definitely working on a different wavelength. I don’t want to suggest it was all Kate’s fault. I’m an amiable enough person, but she managed to push a couple of wrong buttons with me early on, so probably I was not as friendly after this as I am most of the time. She too seemed sharper and brusquer than I would expect is her normal manner, so perhaps she had some existing tensions of her own. Everyone else seems to have had a great time with Kate, so perhaps on another day I would have too. I may make a return visit to find out, but certainly not before the memory of this one fades a bit.

2013-02-11, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Dr Steve

This was my second visit with Katie and to be honest my
type is normally petite and cute types while Katie is tall and model-like.
However, meeting Katie was like being introduced to a new type of food
which you have never eaten before and you instantly fall in love with it
and wonder why you haven’t tried it before.
After the first taste you just want more and more.
Tall, model-like face, beautiful long legs all wrapped around with the
softest of skin, sweetest of lips and the most delicious
of Christmas trees.
Two hours hazy passion and some really naughty stuff. She came, I came,
we relaxed in a pile with intercrossed limbs and I came again.
Sometimes, just sometimes, people click and this is how
I felt during my two short hours with Katie.
See you soon Katie, thank you for the present in the envelope,
and thanks for that really naughty thing we did, I promise I wont do that
with anyone else, but it did feel amazing.
Ps. I really did not hide your stockings!

2013-03-28, 2 hours incall, return-visit by Smoking Snake

I’m what you’d probably call a fairly vanilla punter. I have no illusions of being a porn star… just looking for some nice GFE time with a pretty lady. I tried to book Holly (who seems to have GFE written all over her), but couldn’t make schedules work… So I had a try with Kate.

I caught her just waking up, so it took a while to get the wheels turning, but once they did! Holy crap! She successfully expanded MY sexual envelope (not the only thing she expanded…) and did it in a very easy, relaxed way.

Next time I’m in London, you can guess where I’m going!

2013-03-09, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Beale

I had a great time with Kate.
Very sensual and intimate.
Will definitely look to booking a longer appointment with her next time.

2013-02-05, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Andyandy11

I’m not the world’s greatest lover (sadly) and was very tired after a bad flight. Still, male spirit willing I’d booked some time with Maylo and Kate so didn’t want to cancel. This was my first time with two girls and I’m glad I picked Maylo and Kate. Nothing was too much trouble and they were at pains to make sure I was happy. If anything I was a bit in awe of their loveliness and worried if I met their expectations. Maylo has a brilliant sense of humour and is great – Kate is really lovely too. Both girls are really beautiful, nice and keen for you to have fun. My only feeling is that I was so knocked out by them both that I’d like to do it again. I don’t think I could give higher praise.

2013-02-22, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Rayban

Had a great time with Kate. She is absolutely gorgeous, and never stopped smiling all the time I was there. Definitely want to see her again next time I’m in London.

2013-02-16, 1 hour incall, first-visit by SW Pete

This was my return visit to see Kate and it was just as good as my first visit. What can I say… great lady, great service, great consistency and a great time.

2013-02-16, 2 hours incall, return-visit by James

My second visit in three days to this super-sultry and wonderfully wild Thai babe for another sex-a-go-go f**k-athon – spent a lot of it with Kate challenging me with a ‘Come on, boy!’ to greater efforts – fair wore me out! Mwah, Kate – that was an absolute blast! 😀 xxx

2013-02-04, 2 hours incall, return-visit by Marshall1

Kate is just great! Saw this supremely sexy-sensual stunner on Friday and immediately booked to see her again on Monday – oh, yeah, she’s that good! Fun-filled, feisty, filthy and with a flashing smile that doesn’t only light up her face, it lights up the room! And the sex is all you could ask for – a real raunch-a-go-go workout with full-on French kissing – yowzaaaa! Roll on Monday (I’ve put myself on a weekend of Weeatabix in preparation!). Couldn’t recommend more highly – obviously! Mwah, Kate 😀 xxx

2013-02-01, 2 hours incall, first-visit by Marshall1

A charming lady and an excellent service.


2013-01-30, 1hr incall, first-visit by Peter Piper

I had such a great time with Kate that I extended my initial 2 hour booking with her to another 2 hours and could of happily remortgaged my house to continue my time with her so it wouldn’t end. It was not just her great sexual services that wanted me to stay with her, but also her lovely personality. I seriously cannot wait to see her again. I think she may have put a “sex hex” on me and I’m loving it.:-)
Thanks again to the agency for a smooth booking (including the extended time). Polite and professional as always.

2013-01-12, 4 Hours incall, first-visit by James

Kate was quite simply amazing. Beautiful, leggy with natural breasts and a lovely smile, she was both charming and erotically supercharged. And pretty much unstoppable in her wonderful depravity. She went to every length to make me happy, and was a complete sweetheart all round. When I finally collapsed – post rounds of A levels, extensive rimming and CIM, we had a great cuddle too. A perfect balance all round. Thanks Aisha for the recommendation. Not since I saw you have I enjoyed myself so much. Will be back for sure.

2013-01-02, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Ed

Wonderful, funny personality, had a fantastic time with Kate. Kept me on the edge with some fantastic rimming -she has one tongue!

Very Chatty and we were laughing most of the time. If her personality was wonderful, sex was even better. Thank you Kate.

2012-12-22, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Charlie

Kate is a perfect accompaniment to Princess Maylo.
I met them both together and they are SO into each other.
Kate is gorgeous and a sensational performer.

2012-12-17, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Asterix

Saw Kate and Maylo for a really fun duo. These two beautiful women were great fun and very attentive, met my every need. Definitely thinking of returning. My abiding memory? Kate’s smile, which lights up the room.

2012-12-08, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Chuckweed

Very good looking girl and top notch service. Clearly very experienced,knows what she`s doing, and I imagine will adapt to your particular needs. Well worthy of being part of the Invasian team.

2012-11-30, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Meluvasian

My third visit to Kate in 4 or 5 weeks and she was as expected, truly unbelievable with great detail to attention. She’s a pure gem who can be commanding or likes to be commanded… sensitive, fun and a great pleasure to be with… could quite easily take her home :-)…. Looking forward to my next visit.

2012-11-14, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Harry

Well this was a stroke (several actually) of luck. Maylo was ‘busy’ and Tom suggested that I try Kate, as he advised correctly, ‘you’ll like her’.
She’s a really pretty girl, and has a great knack of delivering PS skills with a GFE touch. She creates instant chemistry, and I can’t see anyone not liking her from the off.
She really can wind it up and her slow anal – just sliding up and down (really deep) on your cock – is awesome. For an old timer like me to fuck happily away, pussy, mouth and arse (in any order I chose!) for 45 minutes, is close on a miracle but she ‘kept my attention’ with all manner of distractions.
I didn’t get near WS or the strap-on – it was almost vanilla sex, but I was in a dream.
She’s friends with Maylo (who I’ve also reviewed – holy shit is she hot!!) and the thought of these two together is heart stopping – if I do pluck up courage to book them both I’ll let you know, assuming I’m still in this world.

2012-11-01, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Tony Champagne

I was 15 minutes late and at first Kate was clearly a bit pissed off. Whilst not rude, she was very matter of fact. Fortunately, this didn’t last and within a couple of minutes began to smile. It transformed her – she looked amazingly pretty. The rest of the appointment was great – we really engaged and had a lot of fun. I extended by half an hour. The only negative was the flat which is, tbh, a bit pokey. It didn’t spoil my time though. Overall a great punt – Kate provides a wild but passionate time. Think PSE with a bit of GFE round the edges. Marvellous.

2012-11-07, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Jeff I

Based in Notting Hill… discreet entrance on the main road. Safe & unsuspecting area. Kate was absolutely stunning… and all without any make up!! We clicked straight away and she has the cutest bottom that I couldn’t stop slapping – playfully off course!! This hour was very much a combination of PSE & GFE and her ability to switch from one demeanour was unrivalled. She likes to be in control and loves it!! She says she’s bi and her friend is just as bad as her if not worse!! I’m thinking a duo session may be on the cards!!

2012-10-20, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Harry

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