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Legal Statement and Disclaimer concerning Bookings

The owners, producers, and employees of the website, https://invasianescorts.co.uk, wish to make it clear that the following Statement concerning any data or content, both in text and image format, that is published on the website, must be considered prior to any judgement, including legally enforced assertions, which may or could arise as a direct consequence of any data or content found herein.

(The “Statement” to which the above refers to is defined as the “Declaration”, and is in regards to the usage restrictions and liability of data/content existing on the website https://invasianescorts.co.uk/. The terms “Statement” and “Declaration” are used interchangeably. The terms “site” and “website” are used interchangeably and refer to the website above. The term “data” encompasses all “content” on the website whether it be produced by the site owners or comments posted by 3rd parties. The terms “content” and “material” are used interchangeably).

Legal standpoint of the owners, producers, and employees of the website,

and the

terms and conditions governing access to any data or content found on the website,

including any

disputes, legal actions initiated, and/or judgments passed,

brought about or sought on

the owners, producers, and employees of the website,

as a consequence of any data or content that exists on the website.


This website is intended for adult viewing and may contain nudity, erotic pictures, and stories of a sexual nature, specifically concerning topics to do with Asian London escorts. Therefore those that do access or intend to access this site,  including any data/material that exists within this website, should only do so if they are legally entitled to access Adult Sites, as defined by the laws governing the right of access from which that action is carried out.

By entering this site, you confirm that you are not entering this site in any official or unofficial capacity in order to download images, gain information for use in any media, or collect data with the aim to use it against the owner of the site.

Money exchanged for legal services is for time and companionship. Anything inferred or implied on this escort agency web site is not to be taken as inducement for services other than this. The events mentioned or referred to in stories and/or blog entries on or involving Aisha and/or other escorts, (whether the concerned are advertising, have advertised in the past, or not advertising on this site), are unrelated to any monies exchanged in the course leading to, during and/or after the aforementioned events occurred. This includes any events that may have taken place during a booking.

All booking charges advertised are entirely as a consequence of the duration of provided time in the company of who that charge is referred to, and not to any activities which may happen in that time. All activities that occur during a booking are private and agreed between consenting adults. Furthermore, it must be stated that any sexual activities that take place are between consenting adults.

In regards to published client feedback, comments and reviews: the opinions expressed here as with all other published client feedback are those of the relevant contributors. Inclusion of contributed material in content published on this site does not necessarily mean the Agency shares those opinions found in such material.

If you are under 18, or do not agree with any of the above statements, please leave this site now.


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