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The year of 2012 saw the emergence of what can only be described as a Punter Cheer-leader following for Asian escort Maria.

GFE - girlfriend experience, PSE - pornstar experience, Full-Service, Dom, A - Level Expert, Soapy Massage - Assisted Bath,  WS - watersports (giving role only)

, London

From £100

100% Private Chat with us to book Maria or find out more.

4'11'' Petite, 34D Enhanced breasts, Slim and Busty Asian Female.

High: Another experienced hire.

Friday 12th August 2022: **** ON HOLIDAY ****

Hours: 11am until 1am, though we typically see Maria stopping between eleven pm and midnight.

Duos with: NA


Tube stations: Paddington (3mins walk).

Travel tools: tube map.

Standard booking rates per escort.

Duration Incall Outcall
30 mins £100 N/A
1 hour £150 £200
1.5 hour £220 £300
2 hours £280 £360
3 hours £400 £500
4 hours £500 £600

*Price Match* We will match any cheaper agency rate found for a booking with Maria. See the Offers Section for details.

Provides Outcall Services? Yes - standard notice/arrival time of 45 minutes.

Getting an appointment with Maria can be particularly difficult if not arranged in advance. If you intend to book for a meeting later that day, it is advisable to call before 10am, especially so on weekdays. As mentioned above, Maria's response time can be slow. Aisha kindly asks that you be patient, and assures you this is nothing for you to worry about. Let her booking staff do the hard work for you.

Either call or send a Whatsapp message to book Maria or find out more.

New clients please read the bookings guide.

0 Reviews for Maria

All client feedback ever provided on Maria's skills as a hostess have been excellent.

*Discounts are available* submit a review for Maria and get £10 off your next 1 hour incall booking*. (*Call for terms and conditions.)

Utterly amazing – not least because my not infrequent efforts to book Maria since last January have all ended in failure, but this time I got her at only 40 minutes notice – probably the shortest notice I’ve every booked anyone.

Maria was even more of a whirlwind of uncontrollable passion than ever! Between rounds she showed off her new massaging skills, which was nice, but I’m afraid I cut the massage short as she just makes me so horny and I needed to get back to having erotic athletics with her.

All my encounters with Maria have been exhilarating but exhausting fun but this was one was of the very best! Not for everyone, but if you fancy a wild PSE with a petite firm bodied wench, you’re unlikely to find anyone is better that this lovely little lady.

2013-05-29, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

sorry for the delay in sending this review.
This was my first visit to Maria. Though I had tried to book her earlier it hadn’t worked out.
In my many years of punting, I have come across many outstanding escorts and Maria is up there with the best. She delivers all services from OWO to A levels and beyond, to perfection. More than that, she is great fun to be with, wild and with a bubbling and vivacious personality.She is not a clock watcher at all and is really concerned that you should enjoy yourself (I certainly did!!). I would unhesitatingly recommend her and will definitely visit her again. Thanks Maria!!

2013-06-18, 1 hour incall, first-visit by thepunter

I visited Maria at her new place and had another great PSE service nonething is out of bounds with Maria.I will see her again.

2013-06-11, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Cos

Maria is roller coaster of pleasures from the naughtiest pse to the sweetest gfe
All services provided above and beyond the call of duty

2013-07-05, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Lionheart

ow! thats the most important thing to say.
Maria was an amazing, insatiable sexual experience, from the moment she undressed me and slipped me into the bath to the last second as she was determined for me to come yet again.
Much prettier than her photos and much raunchier than your wildest dreams.
I will be seeing Maria again very soon indeed.

2013-06-02, 1 hr incall, first-visit by Richtea

It took a while to get to her flat because the door bell didn’t work but she was worth the wait. Maria is amazing! We had allot of fun and she was a great host.

2013-06-18, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Jamal

Had a wonderful time with Maria. I brought her some lingerie to wear and I could tell she loved it, including the nylons. She is a star and gave another award winning performance. Everything on the menu, but spent most of our time kissing and in 69. What a gal…

2013-06-12, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Hebgen

Had the first visit with Maria. She is lovely ,provided very good service including whatever I asked for. Don’t know, I think she was slightly over rated from her review. She is a lovely person, very nice gfe,but probably not the x-factor. Regardless she is highly recommended better than most on offers.

2013-05-21, 60mins incall, first-visit by chapman1

Had a terrific time with the sex mad Maria, will save up my strength for another round.

2013-06-04, 1hr incall, return-visit by Tongue Twister

My third session with the crazy-adorable, sexual powerhouse that is Maria – a box of frogs would say THEY were as mad as HER! Still the benchmark for ‘not-quite-PSE-but-certainly-pretty-damn-filthy-GFE’ escorts – possibly equalled, but NEVER bettered! My full-on, no holes barred field report can be found.
Couldn’t recommend more highly. Thanks – again – Maria for reminding me what a total PFE – Porn Friend Experience – is REALLY all about! Mwah, (name removed) 😀 xxx

Thanks Marshall for review.
I like new word PFE – Porn Friend Experience! Is very good. I be use again in future sure!
Big kiss

2013-04-22, 2 hours incall, return-visit by Marshall1

Another breathless and non-stop session with that tiny bundle of passion and energy that is Maria! She takes no prisoners, leaping on you from the off and working her wicked way on you until you are left drained.

Then giggling with delight she tosses you out with the rubbish and lies in wait for her next victim.

Well this last bit is a fib – she’s far too sweet for that – but my goodness you certain feel worn out and in need of a bit of rest after an encounter with Maria. However I assure you it won’t be long before you get to start thinking about how much fun you had and the urge to go back and see this lovely lady grows very quickly. Indescribably amazing fun – but not to be indulged in too often if you are a frail old man like me.

2013-01-31, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

Wonderful experience with an absolute siren in the room.
Will gladly recommend and will return soon.

2013-01-22, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Andyandy11

Another fantastic PSE service by Maria she is full on sex on legs all services provided and taken up again.I will definitely see again.

2013-02-16, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Cos

Wasn’t what I expected. Gave her £40 and called it a night. There is absolute nothing wrong the booking but I felt she wasn’t how I pictured her.

2013-02-19, 10 minutes incall, first-visit by Ian

I’d had my eye on Invasian, as like many i think Thai girls are very pretty, slim and sexy, know how to look after a guy etc. Maria like all her feedback tells you is a pretty enthusiastic girl. She was even smaller than i expected, if you used a computer program to design a out of proportion sexually Thai Fuck Doll – it would look just like Maria and it would also do everything Maria does. She’s small in height but has fabulous boobs and a great little fit ass. ( Not that got to put my dick in in – maybe i’m too big? Tho’ she was suggesting i have a go … at some point)
One hour isn’t enough with Maria as she does fanny around a bit at times, putting make up on etc – anyway – in you go, she’s cute, she says money makes her horny ( in that raspy little voice of hers) clothes off – thru to the bath – already half full ( more on that later) – in you get – in she gets, there is room as she’s so tiny, then she’s on your cock sucking away, trying to deep throat me (no-one’s managed it yet – but many have had a go) then she’s trying to stick her finger up my ass – no lube so it’s not comfortable – ok … i guessed later she was trying to get come no.1 out of the way by tickling my G spot, never quite got there as she kept stopping, so thru to the bedroom, it’s a bit of a scruffy flat (which puts me off), then you’re on the bed ( sheets aren’t clean (no surprise) then she’s splashing baby oil on you and on her, back on my cock and sucking away – she’s pretty good at this but not brilliant, finger up my ass again lubed this time and she’s def trying to tickle my G spot, i feel it working and a good amount of hot come was duly deposited in her eager mouth – now i’d read she tries to give you some back – but i’d been saving it up and i bet she had to much to play with and went thru to spit it out in the loo, you will notice so far no anal and no pussy, I didn’t want her to give me any come back, if i want that sort of thing i’ll tell her. So quick bath again, back on the bed, more touching and then sucking again – time was reaching less than 10 mins to go and she had someone else arriving soon … she did seem to like me and unlike other people leaving feedback she was making little jokes about marrying me – then (i quote) – i could fuck her up the ass every day (ha ha) – could be worse – she’d make a fun wife if you could trust to not turn your bedroom into a one female fuck palace when you were at work … So was i satisfied – well – i’ve had a lot worse that’s for sure, she’s enthusiastic. i felt she was on something – maybe just a few drinks mind. No pussy, no ass, came once – £150? I would go back and see here, (probably will) but i would take more control of the schedule. It’s cheaper and better than a nearby sex party, as you have to contend with big wobble-gut fat guys and decrepit older than Noah guys trying to fit and fuck on the bed next to you – Invasian i would say offer the best value for girl in London. So I do recommend you try them 😉

Hi guy. This Aisha. About Maria flat and her bed sheets be dirty is not the good thing for any client same you say. Thanks for let we know and I hope she be listen and try for do better in the future. Is not professional and sure no guy is going for enjoy or relax if something be bad like that. Is not professional for not take care you flat so I be have to take her off Top escorts list before is make same mistake like that again for another customer. I know you is new for my site and I say thank you for try be fair when give the good and the bad point about your feeling.
Say thank you for take time do review.
Aisha. x.

2012-12-07, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Paradise Found

Finally got a chance to return to Maria (second time I’ve seen her, last saw her through Invasian in November 2011, wrote a Punternet review at the time – FR #106887).
She still remembered me after all this time and kept asking me why haven’t I been to see her for so long, before smothering me with DFK.
Pretty much covered everything – OWO, A-levels, rimming, mish, more of that intense DFK Maria is so well-known for, and more besides. Ended with rampant cowgirl on the bedroom floor where Maria brought me to a messy finish.
Ended with a snuggle (with more kissing) on the bed, showing that Maria is actually pretty versatile and can switch from her usual hardcore PSE to more intimate GFE with ease. And even then we ended up going over time.
Up there with my best punts ever.
Thanks Maria (again) and thanks to Invasian agency as always.

2013-02-19, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Mister L

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Maria here and on Punternet? Hmmm…. well here is an analagy I have come up with. If sex could some how be weaponised into explosives, then Maria would be a 100 Mega-ton Atom bomb. She quite literally blew me away.
I think a testatment to how popular and good Maria is is how difficult it can be to book time with her. When this agency advise to book her in advance they are not kidding. So again thanks to the agency for there perserverance with booking Maria for me.
As for Maria I think I have fallen in both lust and love with her. Two powerful emotions that can’t be ignored and will drive me to see her again and again and again etc. I want this woman all to myself.

2013-02-02, 2 hours incall, first-visit by James

I think Maria and I are made for each other . She is the only escort who has me jumping with excitement before I get through her door .

Then when I enter her flat, if it’s a good day and her flatmate is on an outcall like yesterday , I am pulling off my clothes and leaving a trail of shirt, tie , trousers along her hallway .

Then she’s leading me by my c&ck around the flat to get beers from her kitchen and into her bathroom for ” toilet training ” where we make use of her bidet and wc pan and Maria shows me she still is the London Asian Watersports Champion.

After the dirty stuff she washes me all over ,and shampoo’s my hair. By the time we get to her bedroom I have left my blobs of excitement floating on the top of her bath water.

And she still want more from me ……….

2013-02-02, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Worldpunter

Maria’s energy, enthusiasm and passion are unrivalled – the encounter was full-on, non-stop and thoroughly enthralling. She’s incredibly naughty, but also wonderfully sensual too… Her eyes are her greatest asset (and there are many assets) – they’re hypnotic. She’s the girlfriend everyone wishes they had; a pocket rocket and an absolute star.

Not for the faint-hearted, but thoroughly recommended.

2013-01-26, 1 hour incall, first-visit by T

Once again I failed to get to see Nana, so braved the dangers of Maria.

I was rewarded with yet another glorious hour of non-stop, full-on sexual shenanigans that manages to make me feel exhausted as well as horny just thinking about it. Maria is a tiny bundle of fun, who really seems to enjoy herself at least as much as you do as she subjects you to a veritable barrage of erotic experiences.

Sessions with Maria are splendid romps. If, like me, you enjoy the occasional rampant PSE session and you haven’t been to see her yet I recommend you make a booking. You may need to drink a pint or two of Red Bull as preparation but you will the time of you life!

2012-11-12, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

One hour with Maria flew by PSE service anal, rimming, owo all offered and taken up. Fantastic experience which I will definitely be repeating.

2012-11-16, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Cos

I hadn’t intended going back for another round of fun and frolics with Maria quite so soon after my last visit. I’d hoped for a slightly more relaxing session with Nana (who was alas unavailable). So I girded my loins and enjoyed another frantic session of sex and lust with this lovely little girl.

Maria’s enthusiasm is infectious and exhilarating. No matter how much fun I was having she seemed to be enjoying herself even more. My best session with her yet – which is going some.

‘Intense’ – you bet!

2012-10-02, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

First the good news, all Maria’s reviews are spot on – she is a very, very dirty girl and ‘up for anything’ just doesn’t cover what she will actually do.
The bad news (for me) is that it didn’t work between us. It was an attraction / chemistry thing, I sure can’t fault her service delivery.
Both Cherry and Nana have the same skill set but I ‘click’ with both these girls. Yes, both are (on can be) seriously full on, but not in such an intense way as Maria. When I arrived she almost swallowed my face! With Cherry and Nana you can ‘dial them up from 1 to 10’ – with Maria, her dial is stuck on 11!!
In fairness both Tom and Aisha told me that Maria wasn’t my type – like an idiot I followed my dick, having read her reviews, and just had to see for myself.
This was a mistake a big mistake.
Some heavy duty stuff went down and as an example, I’m face down on the bed with Maria kissing my arse … ‘I have a surprise for you …. ‘. So I’m expecting a nice rimming but actually get a strap-on up my arse. ‘Surprise !!’
Fucking right it was a surprise.
With Nana fucking my arse, slapping me around the head and spitting at me if I turned round I would, and did, come buckets – with Maria, I was scared shitless!!
As I left she said ‘you good boy getting fucked up the arse – next time big strap-on’.
Errr no, there won’t be a next time.
I hope you read this review as balanced, as Maria delivers all that her reviews state, but unless you are up for a serious seeing to ‘with attitude’ she may not be for you. Also, if you are a regular, just see who Tom or Aisha recommend, I’ve learned my lesson.

2012-11-02, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Tony Champagne

Aisha calls Maria Intense. Now that’s an understatement! This was my third encounter with Maria. The first two were okay, but she has upped some gears since then and this one was mind-blowing!

Maria was a whirlwind of passion and excitement that left me breathless. Hard to believe one can squeeze so much lust in such a tiny body. One of the most wild and exhilarating sessions of sex I’ve ever had.

2012-09-20, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Dr Steve

Maria gave me one of the best ‘not-quite-PSE-but-certainly-pretty-damn-filthy-GFEs’ I’ve had; possibly THE best! This was top-drawer escort service that sets the benchmark for others to struggle to achieve. The only limit to what we got up to was time – and Maria wasn’t at all bothered we ran over; she obviously loves sex and anything goes! So, gents, book Maria, eat your Weeatabix, drink Red Bull and get stuck in for what could be the ride of your life! Couldn’t recommend her more highly.

2012-11-07, 2 hours incall, return-visit by Marshall1

A Simple Guide To Satisfaction
Q. how can I be sure the lady will do all services ?
A. Book Maria

Q. will she make me feel 25 years younger ?
A. Book Maria

Q. will the lady be the one in the photos ?
A. Book Maria

Q. will I have a fun time , laughs and a professional personal service ?
A. Book Maria

Q. does she really have a body like that ?
A. Book Maria

Q. how do I know the punt will go well and the agency will not let me down ?
A. Book through Invasian . Book Maria

Q. what if I am fat ,bald and ugly with no teeth ?
A . She will still see you but may put a bag over your head [ and it’s not charged as an extra ]

Q. can I arrive by bicycle ?
A . yes and you can lock it to the rail outside her flat . But you will have to take a cab back home, you will not have the energy to ride home.

Q. is it that easy ?
A. yes , ….. any more questions ?

2012-10-06, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Worldpunter

Maria is a truly delightful lady. If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet her, do not squander it – treat her like the true lady she is and you will be rewarded with a time you will never forget. She is truly like no other – or in the immortal Debbie Harry’s words – Mariaaaaa, you gotta see her! Go insane and out of your mind…..

2012-09-21, 30 mins incall, first-visit by Furtive

Maria is an amazing force of nature. She is my one and only regular. That’s for a reason. Consistantly amazing. Services go beyond any other.

2012-09-19, 1 hr incall, return-visit by Bob

She may be small. She may be tiny. But she is a powerful girl when you are laying on her bathroom floor and she is standing over you. Then the “rain” inside her flat is coming with a force harder than the rainstorm out side her flat .

Bill G. calls her “the Tasmanian Devil”.

ChrisTongue calls her “The Steamroller”.

I call her “the ballbreaker”

What will you call her, Dare you visit her? She is a force not seen recently in the Thai Girl punting club.

A small girl with power.

2012-08-25, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Worldpunter

Maria is a beautiful and a fantastic provider. 10/10

2012-07-22, 2hrs incall, first-visit by Workstar

After Maria’s performance today , I don’t think anyone can give a better watersports service. She is a natural, so professional, no shyness, just gets down and lets it all go. People talk about a golden shower, but it’s a bath you’re gonna get with this girl. Fantastic lady, she just gets better.

2012-07-21, 1 hour Incall appointment, Not first visit by Worldpunter

“Monday, meeting, Maria, marvelous, mad, memorable, marry, me, xx”

18/06/2012, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Worldpunter

“OMG Maria – huge thanks for giving me the sort of GFE that a VERY naughty GF would give!

It was just effortless, and SO much fun! Huge hugs and kisses, xxx.

I will be writing her a brilliant review for PNet, PLink and TER!

Thanks to u all for being involved in giving me one of the nicest hours of my life!”

06/08/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Marshall1

“Late reply with feedback, Maria almost drowned me in her bath, what a way to go.”

05/12/2012, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Worldpunter

“Thanks. Maria was bril.”

02/03/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Ian

“Wow! That was fun, thx.”

01/26/2012, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Ian

“Anytime u don’t hear from me after a meet with Maria, call me an ambulance to pick me up off her floor! This girl is fantastic.”

01/14/2012, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Worldpunter

“Just to say that I had a great time with Maria. Will do an FR and advise when it is up.”

12/23/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by bottom liner

“Just to say, a lovely girl. Will write a nice feedback.”

12/08/2011, 1.5 hours incall, first-visit by Jimmya57

“Many thanks for a lovely time with Maria.”

12/08/2011, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Paul

“Thank you. Maria was excellent.”

10/31/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Andrew

“There is only one word that seems appropriate to describe Maria and that word is “Wow”. She is like a force of nature in the sweetest way imaginable.”

10/26/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by John

“Thanks very much had a lovely time.”

10/19/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Paul

“Maria, magnificent. Where does she get that sexual energy from? Left me legs shaking, where does she come from, not of this world. x thanks x.”

08/27/2011, 1 hour incall, return-visit by Worldpunter

“Hi Invasian. I met with Maria at 9pm. She was amazing! I’ll definately be seeing her again. Thanks. D.”

08/16/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by D

“I was very pleased with her service. She does a full PSE service… lots of DFK, OWO, A-level and bathing, she is trained in the way of making the client relaxed.

She is short, with a body like yours Aisha, tight sexy, big breasts, lovely coloured eyes, and unusual hair blond/brown tied up at the back yesterday.

But she has a big heart for customer service. She made me feel good.

We had s*x in doggy and then she gave me oral and CIM and snowballed it back to me. She gave WS (watersports)…

She has 2 cute small tatoos on her bum , not on her lower back but below on her bum cheeks. I would really like you to work with this girl, Aisha, she is a hot sexy, bundle of fun. I know, I am drunk on thai pussy again….

I will be calling you soon to see her again …. Hot…….”

07/03/2011, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Worldpunter

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