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Min Min

(33 reviews)

True sex doll Min-Min has a tiny petite physique, short blonde hair and fair skin looks like Japanese teen. Don’t be fooled, she is an expert Dominatrix Mistress!

GFE - Girlfriend Experience, PSE - Pornstar Experience, Dom, Busty, Petite.

Soho W1F, London

From £100

100% Private Chat with us to book Min Min or find out more.

Enhanced 32C, Tight Petite Body 5ft 2in, short blonde hair and fair skin Asian Female.

Despite her cute young Japanese teen-like looks, she is also an expert Dominatrix Mistress.

Wednesday 29th November 2023: ** ON HOLIDAY ** .

Hours: 10am until 2am.

Duos with: None.

Soho W1F London

Tube stations: Tottenham Court Road (Central/Northern Lines) 6mins walk.

Travel tools: tube map.

Standard booking rates per escort.

Duration Incall Outcall
30 mins £100 N/A
1 hour £150 £200
1.5 hour £220 £300
2 hours £280 £360
3 hours £400 £500
4 hours £500 £600

*Price Match* We will match any cheaper agency rate found for a booking with Min Min. See the Offers Section for details.

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33 Reviews for Min Min

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My second visit to Min Min was quite wonderful. There are times when you need your spirits lifting and Min Min did that and much, much more. A combination of her light & dark sides were deliciously mixed to ensure that I was carried away to ecstacy. A skilful, therapeutic massage was worth the money alone and was a prelude to round two of joyous fun. Lovely lady and a lovely time - can't wait to see her again.

December 1, 2017, 1hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Adod

Last Saturday Min Min warmed into probably the most erotic mood that I’ve ever witnessed from her. After a while in the lounge, we escaped from “happy dog” and “grumpy dog” and moved into the bedroom and she was unbelievably responsive from the moment I touched her. I was seriously concerned that, with only about fifteen minutes of intimate time elapsed, she was prematurely finished as a result of my oral efforts!

Haha, no chance – she clearly still had an appetite and, after a brief recovery, she “dressed” me for action very skilfully using her mouth. Min Min then did her really endearing thing of laying back and pushing a cushion (which seems to get plumper at every visit!) under her bum to push her hips up. Whether that’s for her benefit or mine I don’t know, but it does allow a fantastic trajectory! It was all conventional stuff from there on, which is how I like it, and I had a quick massage to send me on my way.

A fair while ago, a reviewer mentioned that Min Min “has the ability to transform seamlessly into her Domme role” – in fact, it’s so seamless that I honestly don’t even notice the difference. One minute she’s playing the perfect cute, cuddly and attentive little girlfriend (but without the kissing!), chatting away happily about any subject under the sun, and an hour or so later I’m walking away contentedly but wondering “hang on, where was my O?”

That’s more of an LOL than a complaint as I think that we both simply forgot and got carried away with other things? However, I’ve made a mental note for next time……….. she owes me!

September 16, 2017, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

Another incredible hour (I ended up being hosted for 1.5 hours!). She answered the door dressed as I'd asked as a schoolgirl (Japanese schoolgirl!). Oral is amazing but it's the willingness to engage and listen and chat that's so refreshing. It's like genuinely being with a lover, not an escort. That's what marks Min Min out as unique. She clearly enjoys the sex and at several points was urging to fuck her harder and not to stop so she could cum. That's not something you hear on many punts. The massage at the end isn't a token amateur rush job it's highly skilled. She actually sorted out tension in my abdomen that no masseur has even spotted before. If you like petite, tiny fat-free bodies she's for you too. The best thing about the visit is that I left buzzing and that feeling has lasted hours

September 2, 2017, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Squoocher

What can I say that has not already been said.

For my first visit, this was a nice introduction into some of Minmin's many talents. I only partook in her normal services, needless to say. Nothing too adventurous for me. Her service was 10 out of 10. She also helped me out with a little shoulder problem in her own time not mine. A big thank you for that. Looking forward to seeing her again.

August 10, 2017, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Bharat

So, almost two years on, I was finally drawn back to Min Min last weekend – she’s been increasingly creeping back into my thoughts recently.

To wander around the sexiest part of London, knowing that I would soon be up-close-and-personal with an Oriental Kylie Minogue, was a delicious way to build up to our meeting. And it was as if I’d never been away – the miniature pooches (plus an extra one!) were there to greet me before I fought my way past their attentions to be greeted by Min Min in sexy white underwear with black hold-ups and heels! She must be getting fluffy – she rarely took much notice of my clothing requests in the past.
Min Min has not changed at all, and I don’t think that she ever will – she is still a sexy, slim and tiny MILF with nice enhanced boobs and the cutest little bum you could ever hope to squeeze or bounce against.

We started with a chat in her re-arranged and much tidier lounge to reacquaint, and then into the (likewise) bedroom for some fun. I have quite a set routine of oily massage, lots of oral both ways with manual stimulation, and then s** in various positions. It really is amazing how supple, compliant and accommodating Min Min is, and she genuinely seems to enjoy some quite forceful (but not abusive) action.

I’m not at all interested in her Dom services and, throughout the hour, Min Min was much more affectionate than you would imagine from her profile and was quite touchy-feely. Like many Orientals (and myself) she’s not into heavy kissing, although she did seem to enjoy a nibble of my earlobes and nipples!

It’s a shame that Min Min doesn’t receive CIM – I am a clean and tidy guy by nature and I would rather not cum “al fresco” and make a mess all over the bedspread. Surely, it’s much less hassle to accept it graciously and then saunter off to the bathroom to jettison neatly into the pan or bin? I know that it’s completely tasteless and benign! Anyway, a minor niggle – Min Min more than compensates in other ways and is pretty much a perfect partner for me.

To sum up, whatever the physical attractiveness of the escort, whatever the services offered, whatever the intensity of my carnal pleasure, the bottom line is that my mood as I emerge to re-join the real world after an hour or so is what counts – and I felt like a million bucks! Min Min really is a sweetheart.

August 6, 2017, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

Every booking with Min Min is better than the last. She takes special care to ensure that your needs are met, and always goes the extra mile to please. Min Min is one of my favourite escorts and I will definitely continue to see her in the future! I highly recommend her massage service too.

January 30, 2017, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by george

A wonderful 90 mins with a wonderful girl; smiling, sexy soothing, then a devil, teasing and tantalising. I won't go into detail but she is the best escort I have seen and a perfect joy to experience. May I see her many times more.

April 20, 2017, 90 mins Incall appointment, First visit by Adod

Super girl - very small and slim and extremely enthusiastic with a great friendly attitude. Great skills! Perfect afternoon - I would visit again.

February 16, 2017, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Jsmith

I have seen Min Min on several occassions and she never fails to deliver an excellent service. She has an extremely petite figure and lovely face and always strives to make you 100% happy, whether you're looking for a traditional GFE or something more kinky. I will definitely keep returning to see her, one of my favourite girls of all time.

June 4, 2016, 1 Incall appointment, Return visit by george

MinMin was incredible! the has the perfect body and face. Smooth milky bright skin, a tiny waist and big breasts. SHe has a stunning young face. We started off with a blowjob. She was extremely good and sucked so hard I was about to cum in seconds. She stopped to let me recover and then licked and played with my balls. She then started to ride me, balls deep banging her crotch against mine as hard as she could. Her pussy was extremely tight and it felt like my dick was having the life squeezed out of it. Will definitely visit again!

May 5, 2016, 1 Hour Incall appointment, First visit by Kash

I had seen Minmin before and we had dipped a toe or two into her pool of Domme services. This time it was a dive straight into the deep end for two hours of intense and expert pleasure and pain from this genuine and experienced expert. If you want the real thing and not some pale imitation of the dark side go and see this lady. THAT IS AN ORDER! Unlike some Dommes Minmin is adept at stepping out of and into character and so you have the evil and the cute charm, the agony and ecstasy all wrapped up in one tiny phenomenal package. A variety of BDSM services are on offer with Minmin including that rare thing - someone who really knows how to use electro as part of BDSM play. I cannot recommend Minmin's Domme service highly enough. If you are already into or want too try the dark side go there - as the Velvet Underground famously sang
"I am tired, I am weary
I could sleep for a thousand years
A thousand dreams that would awake me
Different colors made of tears"
Stop dreaming about it and go see this girl. She will sure as hell wake you up.

February 16, 2016, 2 Hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Jonno

Min Min is always enthusiastic and fun. Tiny, slim and toned, she is full of energy. Min Min can seamlessly transition between strict dom to very naughty GFE roles. Sloppy oral with lots of spitting, dfk, slaps, whipping, candle wax, rimming. Sex in positions as we grabbed and pulled each other all around the bed. Then out came the wand vibrator which ensured we both finished with a big smile. Finally, good conversation during a very firm massage. Min Min delivers a truly distinctive service.

November 12, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Ian

It goes without saying from my previous feedback that I’ve had some truly exciting, educational and unforgettable times with Min Min as my #1 regular - I even got a tattoo a couple of weeks ago in commemoration of our outstanding times together; these foolish things we do!

For almost a year our stark differences seemed to be mutually refreshing and I believe that Min Min usually found my interpretation of the BFE+GFE good fun in a relaxing laid-back kind of way but, as I’ve said in previous feedback, she has progressively given me insights into her more extreme side. Recently I’ve wondered just why we seem to have such a great time together - some kind of chemistry? Lust? Alcohol? Acting?

Anyway……….as we wound down and chatted last Saturday, I got the impression that Min Min thought I was now ready and willing to explore some of her dominatrix services in the future. I freely admit that I was taken aback as I thought that she realised that I’m simply not that broad-minded. As a result, I think that we’ve come to a natural parting of the ways and that it’s best to quit before I’m drawn out of my fluffy comfort zone.

Min Min is both a fascinating personality and a fantastic escort and I take my leave with some regret but with very happy memories of our hours together - I still unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone!

Have fun….

September 12, 2015, 60 minutes Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

With a taste for petite asian women and a bit of domination it is surprising I took so long to see Minmin - how daft was I. She is a really delightful, chatty young lady with a very firm, well-toned body, a cute face and the ability to move seamlessly into her "Domme" role. We had a great time, with all sorts of role play, including watersports, anal play, face-sitting and an amazing deep bbbj. Had a fantastic time with lots of laughs as well as a very satisfying sexual experience. Worth noting that Minmin no longer offers anal, which was a (slight) disappointment but didn't take away from my enjoyment of the meeting. If you like petite, charming, very slim Thai women Minmin is just about perfect. I will be back soon.

August 24, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Partygoer

This was my eleventh visit to Min Min - a new landmark for me with an escort and I am now very much one of her group of devoted and loyal (but not faithful!) customers.

On this occasion Min Min found two astonishing new skills to entertain me; I won’t be specific as I got the impression that they were very much “spur of the moment” and “at discretion”, but they are certainly in the realms of extreme GFE and fantasy PSE - no escort has ever done either, let alone both, of these for me before. Also, I’ve never seen either activity listed on any agency websites but don’t worry, they are relatively “safe” practices.

I don’t mention this to boast or tease – I’m not arrogant and/or naïve enough to believe that I was getting unique favours from Min Min - but I think that it does demonstrate the reward for building up a rapport with a very special girl, building trust, and putting a little passion and effort into the time together. With the temperature in the very high twenties in Soho today it was rather a lot of effort – for both of us!

I have no hesitancy in continually recommending Min Min – unlike many of the really tiny Thais there is absolutely no need to hold back with her and no two visits are quite the same. I don’t know how she physically manages some things but I’m so appreciative that she does, and it’s all with a captivating submissive girlish charm one minute, and an assertive domineering sneer (exactly as in her pictures) the next1

The ego-boosting part is that Min Min always seems genuinely enthusiastic, and there is invariably one instance during the hour when she demands that I continue what I’m doing until she’s well and truly got where she wants to get – today it happened during RO. Resistance was futile!

I generally dislike lazy modern pop expressions but I get lost for words with Min Min; I constantly find myself unable to utter anything more profound or intelligent than “Oh my God!” or “Wow!” when I’m with her….

A truly incredible girl!

August 8, 2015, 60 minutes Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

It has been awhile since I last saw Min Min, but boy she reminded me of what I have been missing. Had a fantastic 90 minute session with Min Min. She was friendly, bubbly, attentive, enthusiastic and incredibly adventurous. Oral and rimming technique was superb. Should of booked an extra 90 minutes.

July 13, 2015, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by MisterJ

The good-natured battle of wills continues between the very vanilla Tomcat and the decidedly risqué Min Min. She occasionally feeds me tiny snippets about her dominatrix world, but it is far too extreme for me and I am not tempted – although we did discuss one rather audacious set-up for the future. Maybe she was just teasing me? Time will tell….

The reason that this was my tenth visit (a record) is that Min Min is more than happy to flip into GFE mode and play along with my relatively conservative requests, and she always responds fantastically. I really think that she genuinely enjoys the change from her usual routines - if not, she is a totally convincing actress and has remarkable control over her physical responses!

This time Min Min had a busy evening ahead and so we kept the intros to an absolute minimum; as soon as we had exchanged greetings and I had admired her in a cute little “girlie” white lace dress (and fought off the sloppy affections of her mutts) I was pushed back into the couch, zip down, and straight into some excellent OWO. Too good in fact, and so before long I had to chicken out and regain my self-control.

We moved to the bedroom and played out my favourite massage, oral and boom-boom scenes. As always Min Min played the compliant sex-doll beautifully although she did become incredibly assertive when I attempted to reposition from cowgirl to my favourite snail – she pinned me down (all size 4/6 of her!) and demanded a few more minutes on top. Not really worth arguing!

I have seen the majority of Aisha’s girls over the last year or so and Min Min is in a league of her own. Much as I enjoy being a weekly butterfly, every month or so I am drawn back to her like a moth to a flame and, uniquely for a regular, she has never had an “off” day with me!!

Have fun!

July 4, 2015, 60 minutes Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

Back to Min Min for another hour of superb entertainment. Just the two of us this time without the two cute (well, one of them!) Yorkies distracting me and competing for my attention!

Min Min really is just so incredible on so many levels, and every time I see her I’m astonished that such a tiny bundle of gorgeousness can have such hidden depths – she’s an astonishing miniature boom-boom doll!

She still occasionally reverts to her “Dom” persona, forgetting that I’m one of her “GFE” customers; she’ll try to take too much control for my liking, but all I have to do is point it out and she’s more than happy to change track and comply with my simple requests.

If Min Min was a little more “adventurous” with me, I would be seriously tempted to pack up being a weekly butterfly and just visit her exclusively once or twice a month for a longer and more relaxed session.

As it is, she has a unique blend of personality, looks and skills and is my absolute favourite girl. The day I get bored of Min Min will be the day I get bored with punting.

Have fun!

May 16, 2015, 60 minutes Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

This is becoming a blog! I am actually an complete butterfly but Min Min is very much my nectar of choice these days.

After quite a few visits, I sense that I’m really close to understanding why my times with her are so extraordinary - I’ve narrowed it down to two alternatives:-

The first scenario is that I’m the most incredibly irresistible guy that she has ever encountered. She’s fallen head-over-heels in lust with me and she is putty in my hands – she has devoted her entire existence to pleasuring me. Well, it certainly seems that way for an hour or so a month.

The second option is that Min Min is simply an extremely rare example of an Oriental escort who genuinely gets an enormous amount of pleasure from her job, and can’t help but show it.

I have my suspicions as to the true answer but will need to invest in some further appointments to confirm.

In the meantime have fun, treat her well, and treat her naughty! I think that she likes it!

April 18, 2015, 60 minutes Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

Booking was swift and easy. Min Min's place is well kept and in a nice area of Soho, very easy to find.

On arrival she was dressed as requested, high heels, leather dress and fishnets, very sexy. As mentioned previously, her dom images can be a bit misleading when in person she is very friendly, talkative and sweet. Her dogs provided 5 minutes of entertainment before a shower was offered.

On with the show for a very nice session of O** (she has an interesting technique) with plenty of ball s****** and r****** thrown in, lovely. Then on with a condom and a session in cowgirl where she came (or is a very good actor) followed by me. It was on my mind to try for another session and maybe ask for anal, but the time seemed to fly by just chatting and having a slightly painful (as they usually tend to be) Thai massage. Her English is very good and I was actually interested to hear her story. We're it not for another visitor I'm sure the session could have gone over time.

April 16, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Fun

Min Min is a wonderfully happy and positive girl. I was immediately at ease with her and enjoyed her sense of humour. Her flat is easy to find and discrete, bathroom / shower facilities were good. Min Min has a great command of her body and is completely focussed on your satisfaction. I received (and gave!) a great deal of pleasure in the bedroom department. Min Min is not a clock-watcher, she was very realaxed the whole time. Afterwards she treated me to some Thai pressure point massage which hit the spot. Thanks Min Min! I'll be back soon!

April 6, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Russell Sprout

I wasn’t going to leave more feedback on Min Min so soon, but there has been a very important development:-

I noticed straight away that her hair is now back to what I assume is it’s natural dark colour from the previous pinky-blonde - I pick up these subtle changes straight away! It’s much shorter than in her gallery shots and really suits her and, with her porcelain white complexion, she really does carry off the Japanese look quite convincingly.

I you’ve been holding back because blonde Orientals are just “wrong”, then you need procrastinate no further.

Feedback on the meeting? Well, Min Min’s looks and interactions were amazing as always, and in my opinion she is totally in a league of her own. I could book her every week, but I think that would seriously mess my mind up, as well as my hips - ouch!

March 21, 2015, 60 minutes Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

Wow! Amazing! Incredible! Astounding! Mind-blowing!

This was my fifth meeting with Min Min and this is the first occasion where I feel uneasy about giving away a detailed report of my time together with an escort – oddly, it would seem too much like a breach of confidentiality?

All I will say is that, if you can work out what makes Min Min tick, then she will reward you with a truly passionate, intense and satisfying experience.

February 21, 2015, 60 minutes Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

The story continues….

After three weeks haunting Soi Bangla, Patong, which included eight disappointing but relatively inexpensive punts (with lovely but totally unskilled bar-girls) and one reasonable one (from a very unexpected source!), the first thing I needed when I got home was absolute guaranteed fulfilment from a good woman! Since my other favourite is still “on holiday” the responsibility to restore my faith in Orientals fell on the delicate but sturdy shoulders of Min Min – she didn’t fail me!

On entering her Soho flat the lounge was a bit of a shambles as she was unpacking from a shopping spree with her colleague and neighbour. No matter, it’s not really part of the punting area after all, and when we’d got the preliminaries out of the way and headed off down the hallway, the bedroom was as tidy, comfortable and inviting as ever - although the over-enthusiastic supply of cushions does encroach on what I consider the play area.

On this occasion Min Min was dressed in a black body stocking with black/red heels – obviously she looked hot, but not really in my preferred style, and I was a little disappointed that she completely disregarded my very tame clothing request. She did indeed receive the message from Invasian, but on discussing it with her I got the impression that this is something that she deliberately likes to keep control over? Dominatrix indeed!

I always like to start with Min Min by giving her my very amateurish version of an oily massage as she seems to really appreciate and enjoy this and she responds very well. It soon leads to naughtier stuff in a very progressive and natural way - nothing too energetic or adventurous this time as I was still quite jet-lagged - and as always she seemed a very willing and enthusiastic partner.

I would not regard myself as a rough or abusive punter, but I do like to get quite “forceful” as the end of the hour approaches and Min Min always amazes me by how much “forceful” her tiny and gorgeous little body can take. It lead to a very intense and happy ending.

If I revisit Thailand next year I’ll concentrate on the sunshine and beaches, street food, scooting around, and forget about the punting – well, maybe!

January 10, 2015, 60 minutes Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

This was the first time in 18 months of weekly punting that I’ve ever returned to the same girl in less than a month. I could end my review right there with that single compliment, but that would be out of character…!

I was originally booked with one of my very few other favourites, but she suddenly went ** ON HOLIDAY ** a few hours before our appointment and I so pondered my alternatives. After two fantastic sessions recently with Min Min, I really couldn’t think of a valid excuse not to book her again.

Personality-wise, I still can’t get over how different she is to her “image”. I’ve no doubt that she plays the dominatrix to perfection as that is her niche speciality (and she does look rather stern in some of her photos!), but I have no interest in that kind of role playing.

With me, Min Min is a tiny, raunchy, adorable and believable girlfriend experience. I wouldn’t exactly describe her as submissive – regretfully she won’t do A with me any more - but she is otherwise very compliant and we have a totally 50/50 giving/taking time together.

Min Min is incredibly open and affectionate and always dresses for me as requested. I enjoy our time together on many different levels and I like to imagine that she can think of worse ways to earn her money?

I’m looking forward to my next visit….

December 6, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

It’s fantastic when you see a favourite girl for a return visit and she seems to remember you as a decent punter and greets you with apparent genuine enthusiasm. So it was with Min Min on Saturday, and she looked just as good as I remembered. She really has an amazing body, a really cute face framed by unusually short reddish hair, and a truly appealing personality.

Quickly down to action and Min Min was immediately quite demanding (which I enjoy) as opposed to domineering (which I hate). Although she is the provider, she clearly wanted to get her own fulfilment from the session and she knows exactly how to go about it, even down to the precise positioning of the various cushions underneath her for the perfect angle and access! I can understand that some guys seem to find this assertiveness intimidating, but I actually find it rather flattering and it makes for a mutually satisfying 50/50 interaction.

As the hour progressed I made my own preferences obvious, at which point Min Min became perfectly adept at playing a more submissive role. We weren’t adventurous this time, just plenty of deep o*** and r****** both ways, oily regular s** and a little messing around with her very sophisticated looking vibrator. All the while she just looked fantastic and was so engaging without any noisy or obvious fakery….and she kissed really nicely! She did try some extremely tame bondage at the beginning of the session (to gauge my reaction?) but it’s really not my thing at all and so we didn’t develop it any further.

At a claimed and totally believable 45kg, the agency description of Min Min as a “true sex doll” is absolutely spot on, as was her house-mate’s original recommendation to me that she can really be all things to all men.


November 22, 2014, 60 minutes Incall appointment, Return visit by Siamese Tomcat

I’ve met some fantastic girls over the last sixteen months and Min Min was one of the very very best!

I have a real thing for exceptionally slim girls , as long as they’re fit and healthy-looking. Imagine a miniaturised, Oriental, far prettier version of Kylie Minogue, complete with that perfect cheeky bum, and that’s how I’d describe Min Min – her figure is exactly as per all of her gallery shots – zero photo-shopping. She had shortish straight red-blonde hair when I saw her and was wearing a tiny bikini, exactly as requested through the agency. She actually smiles a lot and she looked achingly cute and irresistibly horney at the same time!

Min Min let me take the lead (as I prefer) and so we started with a long oral session on the bed. She added her own little slant to this by drizzling herself liberally from three bottles of oils/lubes which made the lack of a bath rather academic! I must confess that I failed to fully appreciate her oral technique as I was rather amazed at her responsiveness to mine – the ultimate compliment and I savoured it for a long time.

When we moved onto sex I did start to do more taking than giving as she really moved so well and felt amazing – and looked so good while she was doing it. There was no hesitation when I asked for anal and, like the regular sex, it was as if she had been tailor-made especially for me. Even when I was finished she carried on grinding until I was in the most delightful but intolerable pain and I just had to call a stop.

Sitting on the edge of the bed and enjoying the post-coital chat, Min Min really came across as a friendly, genuine, family-loving sweetheart. I had an amazing experience with a fantastic girl.

I’m trying to go easy on Aisha’s web-space so this feedback is the short version – see my PunterNet review #118272 for rather more detail.

October 18, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Siamese Tomcat

I booked minmin after reading her previous reviews and all I can say is wow. I feel like I instantly clicked with her and she in turn made me feel totally at ease.

A real gem and I will be returning for sure. Thank you min min

July 2, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by MarkyB

Min Min is fun, relaxing and friendly - no chance of nerves - and has a good body, skinny and pretty with amazing (enhanced) tits. Incredible massage followed by various fun and games including some enthusiastic 69 oral. Finished off with a bit more massage to relax, even though we were well over the booking time - no clock watching at all. Totally recommended for looks, friendliness and enthusiastic service.

July 8, 2014, 30 mins Incall appointment, First visit by Goodtimes

My first ever return visit with Min Min was wonderful, just as the initial visit. Lots of fetish fun and a great time with each other. Love to repeat again very soon

March 10, 2014, 1hour Incall appointment, Return visit by aroundtheworld12

I had an great hour shared with Min Min on my first visit. She is smart, extremely sexy and she is an amazing person all around. We have some shared fetishes which made it more special.

I also agree with one of the other reviewers that she is very skilled at massage, by far one of the best I've had even though it was just a few minutes at the end.

I don't usually leave reviews and am very late in leaving this one but wanted to share :)

March 1, 2014, 1hour Incall appointment, First visit by aroundtheworld12

Decent looking girl.. Better than pics but a really poor service, didn't even get a full hour. Wouldn't return, expect so much better.

Hi Starr.
I apologise that you didn't enjoy your booking. When you get some time can you please get in contact. If I can get some more detail about the booking I can then speak with Min-Min and hope can make something good from this feedback.
Thank you Starr for take time for give feedback and also I want to say big thanks that after one bad booking you return for book another girl and you never just blame the agency same some punters do. Thank you for act same the gentleman.
Big wet kiss for you. And sorry again about this.

March 17, 2014, 1hr Incall appointment, First visit by Starr

Had an amazing time with Minmin. She is an amazing dom combined with gfe\pse.
She also gives the best massage I have ever had.

December 6, 2013, 1hr Incall appointment, Return visit by Imran

Min Min is a wonderful lady, one of those ladies who are far more sexy and sweeter in the flesh than her pictures suggest. I had a great hour with her, a mix of domination and the more usual activities.

As an added bonus when she gave me a massage to round out the time she really knew her stuff, my legs have had hard workout over the last few months, without me even saying anything she found out all the knots and gave them a good hard massage leaving me feeling much much better.

2013-11-13, 1 hour incall, first-visit by xs650

Min Min is an attractive lady with a very slender physique topped by a spectacularly enhanced bosom and she is both skilful and enthusiastic in the arts of entertaining gentlemen.

Unfortunately though as an encounter this really didn’t work very well. The very best appointments with an escort are those where you are with a lovely lady who anticipates what you want next, before you realise you want it yourself. The flip side is that the most frustrating appointments are those where you are with a lovely lady who keeps anticipating desires you just don’t have, and this was my meeting with Min Min worked out. Min Min kept taking matters off in the wrong direction, time and again, and while I am sure it was not deliberate she managed to continually confound my desires and expectations.

Being a professional Min Min ensured I left physically well satisfied, but spiritually I was rather unhappy. I’m sure that lots of guys will have a great time with her, but Min Min and I were so much on different wavelengths, I can’t imagine a second encounter would work out any better than the first.

2013-09-05, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Dr Steve

Had a wonderful hour with Min Min. She is a very petite sex bomb.
Her deep throat has to be experienced!

2013-09-07, 1hr incall, first-visit by Tongue Twister

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