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No longer available for appointments.

, London

From £100

100% Private Chat with us to book Patsy or find out more.

Height of 5'2" puts Patsy in the petite category. Having enhanced 34D makes her another sought after busty Thai Asian Female.

Definitely experienced, has great feedback on her abilities showing she can perform with the very best.

Tuesday 17th May 2022: No longer available


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1 hour £150 £200
1.5 hour £220 £300
2 hours £280 £360
3 hours £400 £500
4 hours £500 £600

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57 Reviews for Patsy

Her feedback has been excellent from both regular clients and from clients new to Invasian.

*Discounts are available* submit a review for Patsy and get £10 off your next 1 hour incall booking*. (*Call for terms and conditions.)

Patsy invariably tells me it is a long time since I've seen her when I visit, but by my standards I am very much a regular caller - and why not - there are few girls in London who look so good, and work so hard to pamper and please. I was in truth a bit disappointed to find she'd moved her bed back across the room - those mirror on the ceiling are so much fun. However this seemed a minor point which I soon forgot about as Patsy undressed me, bathed me, and then proceeded to pleasure me in her astonishing and skilful manner.

To finish a massage to allow me get my breath back and recover the use of my legs, before I departed with a grin on face.

I've met many delightful girls over the years, but Patsy is definitely one of the very best. I'd recommend a visit to anyone - just don't go and see her when I want too!!

April 13, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

Wow, what a star Patsy is, fantastic in everything she does. She is really good fun and natured and very sexy. She really wants you to have a good time and tries hard to please with the right attitude. Will be returning. Thanks Patsy.

June 9, 2015, 2 hrs Incall appointment, First visit by Gary

I saw Patsy today and had a good time o** and a*** for first pop then nice firm massage followed by more o** and rimming for second pop.Patsy a great girl who i will try to see again.

May 11, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Cos

My second delightfully naughty PFE (Porn-Friend Experience!) 3-sum with VERY lovely Patsy and Zizzi. However, poor Patsy wasn't feeling too well - definitely not her usual raunchy, no-holes-barred self (in fact, thinking about it, she wasn't quite her usual PSE-self during our last booking, either - although it was a LOVELY session, nevertheless). Anyway, she deffo did her level best to make sure I had a good time. Meanwhile, Zizzi was on ABSOLUTELY top form! Zany and delightful and super-sexy; she is the Goddess of steamy raunch a-go-go! And the girls insisted I came twice - the second one was a blistering wank-off by Zizzi whilst Patsy kissed me into oblivion! Patsy then, very apologetically, had to rush off back to her place for her next booking, bless her! But that was fine by me; I'd had a brilliant time with her and Zizzi, and all good things must cum to an end! Huge thanks, ladies - Marshall :D xxxx

May 8, 2015, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Marshall1

Eventually settled on seeing Patsy as she'd been recommended by the now retired Gigi. Prettier than the pictures, easy to speak to and get along with, and the services all provided with enthusiasm and vigour. Was a little surprised when she asked to go to *-Levels as she prefers it. Reluctantly agreed as its not my thing. If you buxom babes with a great behind then Patsy's your girl!

April 24, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Spicey Noodle

Eventually settled on seeing Patsy as she'd been recommended by the now retired Gigi. Prettier than the pictures, easy to speak to and get along with, and the services all provided with enthusiasm and vigour. Was a little surprised when she asked to go to A-****** as she prefers it. Reluctantly agreed as its not my thing. If you buxom babes with a great behind then Patsy's your girl!

April 24, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Spicey Noodle

My ninth visit to Patsy (either on her own or as a duo with Leila, Gigi, Zizzi or the sadly-departed Macy) – to say it just gets better would be inaccurate, and unfair to how brilliant all my previous visits have been, but this really was VERY special – one of those rare moments when the planets aligned, if just for our 90 minutes together, and the real world disappeared to be replaced by a utopia of tenderness, fun and outrageous sex with this adorable, delightful, fun-filled, polite-yet-filthy, gorgeous Thai minx.! Check out my review on PNet (No. 119817) for more details. Huge thanks, Patsy, for such a unique session :D xx

April 21, 2015, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Marshall1

What a great Visit. Patsy is down to earth woman n easy to talk to.. she loves to talk about her home n family
the service was fantastic. It stared out a little awkward, I guess us trying to feel each other out sort of speak. But after the CIM, everything from there took off.

Ger oral skills were great n RO she loved. She prop up her hips for a a little rimming on her that she really enjoyed. I was able to manage 3 pops in our time, which is not bad for this 52 yr old...:-)

I will repeat!

April 18, 2015, 1.5 hrs Incall appointment, First visit by Marco

To start Patsy astonished me, by presenting me with a little gift from Aisha. Then we moved on to a splendid romp of the kind I love, hot, rampant and energetic. Patsy is such an amazing lady! Stunning to look at and incredible fun to be with. This was one of my most passionate and exciting encounters with her so far. By the time we finished I was worn out, but very, very happy.

Patsy is not the kind of girl to rush you out, and I'm sure she have been happy to give me a bit more time to recover, however I'd dropped into see her on my way to the airport, so did not have time to hang about. Next time I'll arrange matters so there is no rush and more time to savour her wonderful company.

February 23, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

Small Apartment close to Edgware Road. Good size bath and good shower. For those that like mirrors, Patsy's bedroom is just about perfect comprising a large ceiling mirror, wardrobe mirrors and a further well angled mirror close to the bed so all the action is viewable at a glance. Patsy's profile pictures are accurate but don't give an indication of her personality which is why I have seen her several times. Usual language barriers aside, Patsy is great company, bright and chatty which is what I like. Patsy is far more attractive in the flesh and her enhanced breasts are superb. I'm not a silicon fan but Patsy's, outside a couple of departed Thai favourites, are close to the best.
Patsy performed as all other reviewers report. O** fantastic, r****** superb, a*** readily available (option not taken) and very responsive to reverse oral. For me Patsy is close to the perfect package (if such a thing exists) a star performer and highly recommended.

April 6, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dan O'tool

Patsy was a recommendation to me as my first choice was not available. Generally speaking, all Invasian girls are good, and I have never been disappointed, so I was happy to go along with this. Well Patsy was a real surprise. A very busty girl so lots to play with during your time with her. She has mirrors on the wall and on the ceiling, so l had an extended session of r******, and the view from the two mirrors was fantastic. She is the first Invasian girl l have met who does not like you to touch or play with her p****, and this was a surprise to me. She was very quiet and not very active, so maybe it was just the wrong place at the wrong time. A pleasing body to look at and to play with. Go and visit her, a genuinely nice girl.

March 28, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by norman

Patsy was absolutely fantastic. Gorgeous, sexy, friendly and funny. I will definitely return..maybe a duo next time.

March 6, 2015, 1 Hour Incall appointment, First visit by MCG

My first punt of 2015 and what a way to start the year!

This was yet another utterly amazing session with Patsy. Hard to imagine anything better especially as Patsy has moved her bed so it is under the mirrors on the ceiling and dotted others around the room so one is surrounded by images of her awesome body from every angle. And the there were those spectacular boots!

I've said it before and it is as true now as it was then. My first visit to Patsy was wonderful, but every visit since better than the one before.

January 8, 2015, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

Yaaaay–heeeeey! Patsy and Ziizzi as a duo – FUUUUCK! When Macy left Invasian, I was distraught – I’d had two of THE most outrageous GFE/PSE duo sessions EVER with wickedly naughty Patsy and her. But, I needn’t have worried unduly because, typical of this great agency, there’s always another Invasian sex-pot (or more!?) ready to fill the void – just like Patsy totally took on the mantle of the also sadly-departed Cherry and Nana! This was an OTT, no holes barred, raunchy blast – ABSOLUELY right up there with the best duo sessions, or any sessions, for that matter, I’ve had. The minxes tag-teamed me to oblivion – in the nicest, yet filthiest, possible way; they are ADORABLE! More details on PNet (No. 119087). Huge thanks, Patsy and Zizzi – mwaaah :D xx xx

January 23, 2015, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Marshall1

Beautiful lady,very good english,and she is really funny. i spent a great hour with Patsy I'll be back for sure her o*** skills are excellent and she is so sexy...
definetly I'll be back

January 14, 2015, 1hour Incall appointment, First visit by ROME1979

Saw the VERY naughty Patsy (for the umpteenth time) and her serenely-sensual friend Gigi (second time) for a sexy-sublime pre-Christmas present to myself – to compensate for the miserably-predictable slippers! These two adorable and mischievous minx’s cheerfully entertained me like a couple of Santa’s elves gone-bad! Not as wild a duo-session as I’ve had previously with Patsy paired with either Leila or the sadly-departed Macy (who were perfect foils for Patsy’s PSE), but still indulged in all sorts of filthy-rudeness – in fact, it was an all-anal session on both girls, initiated by Patsy, so REALLY can’t complain – haha! More details on PNet (No. 118789). Huge thanks, Patsy and Gigi – bring on the slippers; I don’t care now! Mwaaah :D xx xx

December 16, 2014, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Marshall1

I saw Patsy when she first came to London and I should have returned long ago. had a great time and managed a second pop while watching a toy disappear up Patsy magnificent bum. This girl likes her bum fun!

December 12, 2014, 1hr Incall appointment, Return visit by Tongue twister

It has been a while since I first saw Patsy, but boy Patsy is sexual dynamite. She provides a great blend of GFE/PSE with plenty of DFK, OWO, DT, r******, v****** and a*** s**. Plus a nice massage between sessions. Patsy is friendly and an absolute joy to spend time with. I will definitely see Patsy again and will make sure not to let too much time elapse for my next visit.

December 7, 2014, 2 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by MisterJ

Excellent service from Patsy.
Apartment clean and shower facilities good.
Patsy was laid back, attentive and dressed as requested in heels and miniskirt.
All holes made available for my exploration without any complaint.
Afterwards we had a good chat about Thai food !

November 26, 2014, 1 Hour Incall appointment, First visit by Expensive Shoes

What can I say, I haven't said before? This woman is wonderful, she gets better with each visit and the new flat is just one more reason to pay a call. Another amazing encounter with one of the best girls in town.

Well actually there is some thing new to say - about the new flat! Patsy has moved and the new place is a delightful improvement on her old one, much more cheerful and fun to romp around in - and it has a BATH too. My big mistake was not noticing the mirrors on the ceiling over the sofa until we'd nearly finished. Of course when you are with Patsy, you spend most of your time with your eyes focused on her not on the surroundings

It is of course a bit further to walk than her old place - it must have taken me at least an extra ten minutes. Getting there was no problem - finding the energy to get back was!!

November 3, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

More fun and games with my favourite busty baby at Invasian. Even dressed in a raunchy pair of shiny red pants and a little halter neck top, Patsy manages to look demure. Demure she may look, but the energy and enthusiasm she displays while entertaining seems boundless. Reminiscing about it while crushed up in a busy tube recently had such an effect I began to worry I might be arrested :-)

Patsy sets standards in terms of looks, physique, skill and attitude that few match and IMHO none currently surpass. Generous and skilled use of her mouth and lips to start, and a long and energetic 'adventurous' romp to finish with plenty of fun in between were the order of the day this time around. And if that sound like what happened on previous occasions it was and it wasn't. Patsy always has little tricks and tactics to make every visit different, but at least as delightful as the ones before. (If you want a somewhat more detailed description of events you can visit PunterNet).

If you are a fan of oriental escorts and you haven't seen Patsy already then I can only recommend you go see her. Likewise if not seen an oriental escort and you a thinking of dipping a toe in the water, Patsy will have you addicted to them at once.

October 16, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

Another wonderful visit to see the lovely Patsy. Very sweet, and attentive, but also adequately adventurous, not to mention hard-working, providing everything I required from her (with DFK, OWO, CIM, and A all on the menu). I really cannot recommend this fantastic lady enough.

Thanks, Aisha, for arranging a superb meeting.

Thanks for take time to give feedback for Patsy.
Happy you enjoy your appointment.
Good to speak with you yesterday.
Big wet french kiss for you honey.

September 20, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Singing Chef

A splendid romp with one of the stand out stars among London Escorts. Delightful to look at, an amazing figure and an awesome attitude, Patsy is always a joy to visit - which is probably why I am doing it so often.

This time around after greeting me at the door in her new kinky boots, an alarming amount of energetic and erotic activity ensued, until Patsy had completely worn me out. Then she gave me a soothing massage so I had enough energy to leave - with a big smile.

Encounters seem more fun with every visit - which is why I plan to be back - and soon!

August 18, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

Location is really convenient for Paddington station and the entrance to the basement flat is very discreet. It must have been Macy who answered the door; made a mental note to see her as soon as possible as she looks really hot. But this time I was booked to see the lovely Patsy and she certainly gave me a great time. She knows exactly what she is doing, is extremely enthusiastic and very good at it and also has a great personality. Thank you Patsy.

July 23, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Moorman

Some girls you fall for at once, others just grow in your estimation at each visit. Patsy was very good to start with, but with each visit she seems to get even better. She is so friendly, so pretty and her body is one of the most amazing I've had the good fortune to have the chance to admire. As on previous occasions, her skill and enthusiasm combined with her delightful physical attributes in amazing style.

And this time there were the boots! When I phoned up to confirm my appointment, Tom told me Aisha had already put them down as a 'special request' to Patsy. Somehow this didn't get through to Patsy, so she didn't have them on when I arrived, but this was swiftly remedied. Patsy always looks fantastic - but wearing just a smile and her new kinky black boots - well it's hard to imagine a more erotic sight!

Fancy footwear is no prerequisite for an extra special time as far as I am concerned and Patsy always provides one of these, but to be sure her new boots made this one that little bit extra, extra special!

Sorry Dr Steve I think because the boots bit too small just why she uncomfortable for wear. But no worry I have got she some new boots already.
Thanks again for lovely review.
Big kiss.

July 21, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

Duo with Stacy and Patsy, incl lots of girl-on-girl action. Stacy is new to London and her language is not great but Patsy did all the explanation necessary. Superb performance, all services enthusiastically provided. An hour of pleasure, fun and entertainment. Recommended

August 10, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Jim

I already knew how enticing and wonderful Macy is, but when I read the reviews about her double acts with Patsy, I had to try them for myself.
Macy greeted me at the door with her oh-so-cute but mischievous smile and tug at my trousers (is there a better welcome than this anywhere? No). She led me to Patsy, who was waiting in her leopard underwear. Was I in for a treat with these two. After a shower, they were both all over me; and over the next 90 minutes I don't think they let go of me, or I let go of them. It was so good to see Macy again, looking and feeling perfect with such wonderful deep kissing throughout (my lips are still tingling), and Patsy was the perfect foil for her, taking care of whichever parts Macy wasn't concentrating on at the time. As well as doing almost everything in the book together, we also shared several laughs and mock jealousy. At the end they both gave me such a lovely goodbye (I wanted to take Macy home with me) that I'm still beaming now. What a wonderful visit with two gorgeous, fabulous and amazing girls. Thank you.

July 31, 2014, 90 mins Incall appointment, First visit by Alan-A

First visit to see the lovely Patsy and I was not disappointed (well OK, she did not greet me in her new boots but for that I should have asked in advance!). Everything flowed very naturally and I shall be returning.

July 17, 2014, 1 hr Incall appointment, First visit by Catlover

I seem to be seeing a lot of Patsy at the moment - but I certainly don't have have a problem with that! This latest meet was perhaps even the best encounter so far - a splendid and energetic romp leading to two delightful conclusions. Patsy has it all, great looks, an awesome body, a wonderful personality, excellent skills and completes the package with oodles of enthusiasm.

And now I hear she has some kinky boots - I suddenly think I need a cold shower!

I am just so glad I took up the original recommendation to see her.

Thanks you doctor steve for take time do lovely review for Patsy. I happy you enjoy so much with she.
And yes after Marshall1 keep asking I get some sexy boots for Patsy. I sure u going for enjoy more!
Big kiss for you honey.
Big kiss again for you pet anaconda. tell him i miss him!

May 23, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

Utterly outrageously brilliant! That’s the essence of the fabulous 90 minutes Patsy and Macy gave me. This was my second session with these two beautifully-gorgeous, lovely, laid-back, good-natured, mischievous, delightful and very naughty Thai minx’s – and it was possibly (but only just) better than the first – and I’d described that as possibly my best session ever - with any escort(s) – so what was this one like? Well, first off, the lovely Aisha, bless her, has bought Patsy a pair of shiny black, thigh-high, killer-heeled boots – she greeted me in these (and not much else), looking beyond-belief raunchy – and she looks pretty damn raunchy anyway! And that was the preamble to well over an hour of non-stop, totally OTT, no holes-barred (them and me!), fun-filled (we always have a laugh), 3-sum-sex-and-fucking including, at one point, Patsy lying spread-eagled on the bed working a vibrating dildo in her arse whilst Macy was doing the OWO honours on me! All I need now is for Aisha to buy Macy a pair of those boots, and we’re looking at the perfect session! Huge thanks Patsy and Macy (and Aisha!) for giving me such an ‘effortless’ and wild time! Mwaaaah, girls :D xx xx

June 27, 2014, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Marshall1

Second visit, if possible even better than the first! Patsy is a lovely lady to talk to and be with. Please treat her with the respect she richly deserves and, of course, highly recommended.

June 19, 2014, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Alex

Booked with Patsy for 1hr meeting at short notice. Close to Paddington. Very friendly and amazing figure, firms breasts and ass with nice smile. Started off with a nice deep throat session and facial followed by a nice massage and more of the same. Look forward to seeing her again.

June 14, 2014, 1hr Incall appointment, First visit by Joe

Best-ever session? Could be! Saw the very naughty Patsy and her equally naughty friend Macy for a wickedly wild 90 minutes – it was pretty much perfection – two beautiful, lithe, toned, lovely-natured, fun-filled Thai firecrackers to indulge in whatever crazy sexual antics I could dream up has gotta be some kind of Nirvana – WOW! These two mischievous minx’s cheerfully went along with it all, and also came up with some naughty ideas of their own - the look of mixed surprise and delight on Macy’s face, seen by me in the mirror, when Patsy turned on the vibrator she’d stuffed in Macy’s pussy whilst I was balls-deep, doggy-style, in her arse will be an abiding memory – DP a-go-go! The full, no-holes barred review of the amazing time these girls gave me is on PunterNet, if you want more info. Thanks, ladies – that was an absolute blast! Mwaaah :D xx xx

June 17, 2014, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Marshall1

Patsy was truly awesome, great figure great arse.
Her Oral and A skills were amazing very accommodating

And, yes i will take up that 2 girl show next time i am in town

June 10, 2014, 1 hour Outcall appointment, First visit by traveller

My original 1st and 2nd choice girls were not available for the time I wanted to see them. So I asked Aisha who was available and Aisha kindly obliged me a sent me names of her ladies who were available at the desired time. I randomly selected Patsy and what a fantastic choice it was. Patsy provides a GFE i.e. Great F**kin Experience. Not only does Patsy provide the right blend of sensual GFE mixed with naughty PSE. But Patsy is a genuinely nice girl to chat to and be with. I was so impressed with Patsy that I have submitted a Punternet review for her and will definetly see her again very soon. I actually would of like to of spent the entire night with her sampling her GFE charms. Absolute fantastic lady and is so deserving of her many positive reviews.

June 11, 2014, 2 Hours Incall appointment, First visit by Misterj

OMG! Patsy should carry a ‘Dangerous Drug’ warning - I’m addicted! This was my fourth visit to this fabulous Thai babe (once before on her own, and twice as a duo with her naughty friend Leila) – and, possibly because we’re getting to know each a bit now, it was an even more fantastically filthy 90 minutes than previously – if that were possible! Patsy is one of the most adorable, friendly and gorgeous ladies out there – NONE better for an effortless, beyond-naughty, roustabout session straight out of fantasy land! It’s a pure PFE – Porn Friend Experience! Lovely smiles, and lots of kissing and cuddling combined with sex a-go-go; sucking and wanking and rimming and nipple teasing - and her ‘A-levels’ are really at ‘Degree-level’ she’s so accomplished! And two bouts of DATY, with Patsy laying back wantonly, spread-eagled for pleasuring – wow! And, as I’ve said before, she is such a lovely, laid-back person, who is great fun to spend time with – we always have a laugh together! I guess there’s a ‘Patsy-antidote’ out there, but I don’t think I’ll be trying to find it too soon - haha! HUGE thanks, Patsy, for going all out to give me a very special session – mwaaaaah! :D xxxx

June 6, 2014, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Marshall1

Patsy is an attractive girl with a lovely figure and personality. In the bedroom she really took charge and had me squirming with pleasure. It all ended with me climaxing explosively, while she impaled me to the hilt with one of her toys! She's a great girl, and I would not hesitate to recommend her. Will certainly return but would love to try a duo meeting with her and the delectable Leila, when I have raised the funds! Please treat her well gents.

May 9, 2014, 1 Hour Incall appointment, First visit by Skippy

A fabulous time. Patsy was warm and welcoming and put me at ease straight away. I had a great time -fabulous oral both ways leading to lots of very intimate fun. Patsy was very enthusiastic, willing and very friendly. Lovely and much needed massage to wind down at the end. Highly recommended. I will definitely be back

May 15, 2014, 90 mins Incall appointment, First visit by andy27

More glorious fun with the lovely Patsy. A long session of exquisite delights from her talented tongue and lips to start. Then a long and energetic romp to follow. Finally a relaxing massage. The perfect way to spend an hour.

Patsy's photos convey her glorious looks and her amazing body and surely will tempt you to visit. I can only recommend you succumb to that abundant temptation! For great as her looks and physique are, it is her friendliness, her skills and her abundant enthusiasm, which will make the event so wonderfully memorable.

April 3, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

Another (my second visit as a duo - my third with Patsy) fantastically filthy 90 minutes with gym-toned Patsy and curvy-voluptuous Leila - two of the most adorable, friendly and gorgeous ladies out there – NONE better for an effortless, beyond-naughty, roustabout duo session straight out of fantasy land! I spent most of the time with one or other of the naughty minx's working a dildo in my arse, whilst I worked my cock in the other one's arse - and then they'd swap - vrrrrrrrmm! On the sofa, spread-eagled over the arm of the sofa, on the bed, on the floor in front of the mirror – GREAT view - frontwards, backwards, front-to-front, back-to-front, back-to-back; all ways – the girls cheerfully went along with any crazy carrying’s on I could cum up with – yowzaaa! In current parlance – they totally ‘ruined’ me – cock really aching afterwards (but in a good way!). As I might have mentioned before, you can keep your Batman and Robin or Holmes and Watson, Patsy and Leila are the only duo worth talking about! HUGE thanks girls for really going all out to give me the time of my life – mwaaaah! :D xxxx

May 19, 2014, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Marshall1

This was my first visit with Patsy, and all I can say is wow. From the moment I walked in the door I was amazed by this beauty. She had an amazing smile and warmth to her that just welcomed me in. She showed me to her room, and I got comfortable, and went for a shower as I had been traveling that day, and could use the refresh. She was all smiles the entire time, extremely sexy, and very accommodating. Her body was amazing and her service definitely matched. I certainly enjoyed every minute of the hour with Patsy, and will be back again!

April 20, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by dakine

Another visit to Patsy and another lovely time. I have to confess to being rather disappointed there are not facilities for a shared bath at her new location, but Patsy did her best to make up for this shortcoming - and her best is very good indeed!

As on previous occasions my hour in her company was packed with oodles of energetic and erotic fun and I left with weak knees and with a huge smile. One of the very most lovely ladies I've had the pleasure of! I will return soon!

March 13, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

I have to say that Patsy is without a doubt the friendliest and sweetest girl from Aisha's establishment that I have visited to date. Although don't let that sweet exterior fool you; beneath the surface is an extremely naughty little minx that performed unspeakable filthy acts upon my snake which was pounded into submission. O-levels, A-levels and the rest were delivered with such zeal and enthusiasm that I was left gasping for breath. Fantastic service and a great girl who thoroughly deserves her place at what is still my favourite London agency.

April 28, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by CrespinWolfe

Thoroughly enjoyed my time with Patsy - she has a happy, sparky personality, and we had a giggle together. She gives great oral, seemed to really get into our slow, intimate pussy fucking, and I finished deep in her arse in doggy - lovely.
I've seen many girls at Invasian over a few years, all if whom have been great, but this is my first review, I guess I've been a little shy! Great agency, great girls.

Thank you Alfie for take time do your first review! Thanks for good thing you say about my agency is make me very happy.
And about how you finish in the doggy style in Patsy bum is make me have the dirty smile now!
You naughty boy. x
Big kiss for you honey. Please remind my reception when you booking next time so we can get you discount for this review.
Big kiss again.

March 31, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Alfie

I had to return to see the gorgeous Patsy who I'd seen before on an outrageous threesome with Leila.
Patsy gave me a fantastic hour of pure pleasure, she is seriously sexy with a wonderful body and is funny and friendly, her oral skills are sublime and A levels are mind blowing! Patsy also made sure I was 'satisfied' twice in the hour which is very rare nowadays!!

April 19, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Themaserman

What a great girl. Awesome body, great personality and definitely knows what she is doing. My lucky day!

April 16, 2014, 1hour Incall appointment, First visit by Voyager

Friday was my three year ‘anniversary’ for punting – my first-ever session was with Devon (now departed) of what was then Aisha Invasian (hence why it came up first alphabetically when I Googled ‘Escorts London'). So, this booking had to be a special one. And who better, I thought, than Patsy, who I saw just a week ago as an outrageous duo with Leila (see below). And, just as I'd hoped, she did not disappointed – oooh nooo! As before, there was all sorts of outrageousness with this adorable, delightful, fun-filled, polite-yet-filthy, gorgeous Thai minx. Patsy flaunting-posing for my delectation, OWO-with-wanking, DATY, and multi-positional sex a-go-go, including some athletic A-levels – brought me to my knees, again! What a great girl; what a great agency - that's why I've been cumming back regularly to Invasian over the last three years. And what a great anniversary celebration! Thanks, Patsy – mwaaah :D xxx

April 4, 2014, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, Return visit by Marshall1

Dunno about some of you guys, but when crazy-outrageous, PSE-A-levels-a-go-go Cherry, Maria and Nana all 'retired' from Invasian Escorts, a little piece of me died – I just wasn't sure they could be replaced. Well, no worries there, because Aisha has cum up with the goods again – Patsy and Leila are straight replacements - and that little dead piece has returned, Lazarus-like, from the grave! Obviously, they have their own style, but they are in the premier league of escorts (Asian or otherwise) - RIGHT up there with the afore-mentioned trio. There wasn't anything these girls wouldn't/didn't do, and quite a bit they suggested, in our completely outrageous, roustabout ninety minutes. They tag-teamed me to oblivion – fair wore me out! So, if you’re looking for a total PSE-duo workout with two of the loveliest-natured and naughtiest ladies out there, then Patsy and Leila are the girls for you. Couldn’t recommend more highly! Thanks, ladies! Mwah, Marshall :D xxx My no-holes-barred, full review of this glorious session is on PunterNet (under Marshall1)

March 28, 2014, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, First visit by Marshall1

Spent a lovely hour with Patsy - she has an amazing figure and is very sweet - her enchanced boobs are superb. Patsy also gave an unbelievable blow job and also let me try A levels. Lovely lady and professional all round agency. Will book again.

March 12, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Dave

Patsy was amazing, from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I left was out of this world. Those breasts are just outstanding, and the look in her eyes when you're giving it to her. Passion was such a great feeling. Stunning girl with a lovely personality, that's why I paid her just a little extra.

February 25, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by First Timer

*** Due to the use of ungentlemanly and derogatory language in insults towards Patsy, this review has been rejected. The response can be found on the Rejected Reviews section, accessible through a link on the main Reviews Page. ***

February 27, 2014, 30 mins Incall appointment, First visit by gerrard

A second encounter with Patsy and one that was as much fun as the first. Patsy's body is glorious, especially her amazing boobs and she entertains with delighful enthusiam and skill. After such a very pleasant romp I dare say I'll be back again for a return match in the not too distant future.

January 17, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, Return visit by Dr Steve

Simply wonderful! Patsy is just great to be with, talk to and enjoy. I doubt I have had a better time than with Patsy. I throughly recommend her. Please treat her with the greatest respect which she richly deserves.

January 30, 2014, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, First visit by Alex

Had a great time. Patsy was wonderful, really nice person and was excellent throughout. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!

January 15, 2014, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Marty

I had a great threesome with Patsy and Leila, there was no faking and they gave me a great lesbian show before I joined in with both of them all over me and I filled all of my desires I could think of in a threesome!
Oh and BTW Patsy has a fantastic pair of nipples!

January 4, 2014, 1.5 hours Incall appointment, First visit by Themaserman

Booked Mercedes and Patsy. Wonferful time ,both ladies were excellent, all services offerred with a friendly smile the hour flew by!

December 23, 2013, 1hr Incall appointment, Return visit by cobb

Great time with a very nice lady. Patsy combines a splendid physique (topped by quite eye-popping boobs), with a friendly if slightly quiet manner. She also proved very skilled and enthusiastic when it comes to entertaining me.

I'd selected Patsy partly based on some comments that she provided a good PSE. My encounter was much more GFE than PSE, but if Patsy was not as wild as I might have anticipated, I was certainly not disappointed with the way she looked after me during out time together.

Of course everyone had different tastes, but Patsy certainly appeals to mine and after such an excellent encounter I am eager to repeat the experience. Would certainly recommend to others.

November 28, 2013, 1 hour Incall appointment, First visit by Dr Steve

A return visit to Patsy… fantastic again. Welcoming, energetic and eager to please. Top notch deepthroat and anal – a lovely way to spend an hour on a cold November evening. Looking forward to seeing her again.

2013-11-20, 1 Hour incall, return-visit by Eg

She’s a lovely girl very sexy and welcoming, treat her nicely.

2013-11-17, 1 Hour incall, first-visit by Tongue Twister

Patsy really was a wonderful experience. She’s got a great figure, a pretty face, is totally sexy and amazingly friendly. All services enthusiastically and freely available. Warm, open and oh so rude. I shall certainly be back.

2013-11-08, 1 Hour incall, first-visit by Ed

Awesome bj and very accomodating. Too bad I was too tired from previous night even before we started.

2013-11-01, 1hr incall, first-visit by arcast

Lovely girl at convenient location.
Patsy is very warm and welcoming and she comes with an unbelievable figure. Great BJ too! will be back for more

2013-10-08, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Berto

Patsy was wonderful and welcoming – a friendly GFE with impressive deepthroat and anal abilities. Petite but curvy, with a lovely laugh. Great fun and hope to return soon.

2013-10-03, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Eg

I visited Patsy for a relaxed GFE nice owo,sex,anal all on offer and taken up will try to see again.

Hi Cos. I am happy with Maria on holiday new girl Patsy gave you a good time.

2013-09-28, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Cos

Spent a lovely hour with Patsy (aka Anna) to calm the “white-mist”. Absolutely stunning figure with amazing enhanced tits and dressed as requested in the skirt/shirt combo as in her pics. She is great for GFE with some DFK, an average massage and just to drool over her fantastic curves. I will return for more when I can…

2013-09-18, 1 hour incall, first-visit by Chinrest

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