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Date posted: November 1, 2011 By Aisha Thai.

Scarlett’s first Photoshoot – Follow the link to view Aisha’s hand-picked selection from Scarlett’s début photo-shoot. See the photos that other agencies decided not to show you.

Scarlett’s latest Glamour Photoshoot – Click on this link to be taken through to the gallery featuring the latest professional studio photos of Scarlett.

Scarlett’s début in London

  • 15th Apr 10

Scarlett’s Portfolio has been updated with another of Aisha’s chosen escort galleries. This time showcasing the best of Scarlett’s first photo-shoot as a newcomer. It was this Studio photo-shoot that unveiled Scarlett to the scene back in Easter 2009.

The photos capture a bright and confident Scarlett at the start of her exciting career in the world’s capitol. It serves as a great so much so that it is like taking a trip down memory lane. Cue warm fuzzy feeling for all those Punters who can’t help but reminisce over their encounters with new girls.

In March of 2009, photos from this shoot were provided for the consideration of the well established agencies. Scarlett was greeted with an enthusiastic welcome from all, with a rush to place her on the top rows of galleries. The photos proved to be popular too with punters, warranting agencies to be unwilling in updating their gallery with newer photos of Scarlett.

Her gorgeous looks coupled with the fantastic service she provides has meant that Scarlett has remained a highly valued fixture on the galleries of the established sites.

Scarlett’s first gallery

Welcome to Aisha’s handcrafted gallery showing choice cuts of Scarlett’s début photo-shoot in London. Photos from this studio shoot were used at the very beginning of Scarlett’s career back in Easter 2009.

Should you wish to fulfil your fantasies, don’t hesitate to contact Aisha. Organising your dream booking is only one phone call away on 07747 521 438.

Scarlett’s new look

  • 15th Apr 10

Easter greetings to our visitors and welcome to the first of many to come, updates to Aisha’s much anticipated website. Be assured that Aisha has some awesome plans for this site. Have no doubt that her aims are fuelled by the very same passion that propelled her to a position among the highest ranks.

As part of the several treats Aisha has prepared for this website to be launched in conjunction with, the very first of the escort photography galleries has been launched. This update features the tall and busty Scarlett.

Scarlett’s sleek and slender body, the envy of her counterparts, is now available for your viewing pleasure. Aisha pegs Scarlett as one of the best currently available. The photos are from Scarlett’s latest professional photo-shoot, produced to publicise her services.

Taken at the end of last year, Scarlett chose to distribute the photos to only a few of the companies she is currently listed with. In anticipation of the opening of Aisha’s new website, Scarlett swiftly provided Aisha with photos from the shoot as soon as they were ready from the studio, back in December 2009.

A few photos may be viewable elsewhere, however the majority of photos viewable in this gallery and those dotted around the site are web exclusives. Furthermore, Aisha has spent months carefully selecting and editing tasty shots for your viewing enjoyment. In doing so, she sincerely hopes you appreciate the expression of her individual and distinct style, a world away from the mundane.

Aisha presents her hottest picks from Scarlett’s latest set of studio photographs, neatly packaged in a slide-show with an optional full-screen feature. Her choice of photos highlight Scarlett’s strikingly hot figure, regarded as a prized rarity for a oriental female, by both Orientals and Oriental-fans alike. Aisha deliberately focussed on these unique physical attributes that distinguish Scarlett from the majority of Asian females. It’s fair to say that you will be hard pressed to find such an awesome combination of long legs, smooth skin, tight bum, voluptuous breasts and hypnotising eyes.

Sufferers of vertigo beware. Prepare to get dizzy from gazing at Scarlett’s stunningly sexy long legs. As one enthralled client, fixated on the sight of Scarlett in nothing but heels, put it: “Are they ever going to stop”? Not to worry, they do. And what a splendid place they do lead up to.

Having only been released in December 2009, the photos serve as backing for Aisha’s claim that Scarlett was among the best newcomers of 2009. To sum up the photos in one word: HOT.

Scarlett’s latest photos

Welcome to this website’s first escort photograph gallery featuring Scarlett, one of the best currently working in London.

Have a browse of the latest studio set of photographs Scarlett commissioned at the end of 2009. Much to the joy of her following, Scarlett’s chic style and distinctive laid back yet confident persona were captured for all to relish. The photographs serve well to better depict what a sublime addition Scarlett is. Definitely one of the best updates seen in recent times.


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