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The brainchild of a legend amongst Asian escorts London, the only agency for Oriental escort bookings founded and run by a true Thai escort phenomenon, Aisha. Launched in 2010 for punters serious about their number one hobby, the search for the ultimate experiences with the best Asian escorts in London.

Meet Aisha, lovingly referred to as the Super-girl of London's Asian escorts. Regarded by serious punting enthusiasts around the globe as the finest Oriental escort London has been home to in modern times.

London in 2007: with her superb quality of service and her uncompromising work ethic, news of Aisha's abilities spread quickly. Other Oriental escorts were in awe when working with Aisha for the first time.

April 2010: Aisha launchs her very own Asian escorts London agency called Aisha Invasian. Her reputation for amazing service and honesty meant her agency was much welcomed by punters of Oriental escorts in London.

Take advice from the Best: Book the best

Aisha’s service is hard to match. That’s why so many of her clients ask her for advice on the quality provided by other girls.

She knows exactly which escorts are best suited to any particular punting experience. Building a strong relationship with each escort enables recommendations to be backed by Aisha’s experience.

Bespoke Escort Services: just as Aisha practiced with her own clients, effort put in to getting to know you will make possible the recommending of the IDEAL escort.

The bigger picture: Aisha knows how to meet the demands clients to achieve an excellent level of satisfaction. Beyond client facing situations she knows in depth the issues faced by an escort down to the tiniest details that must be overcome to deliver an excellent service. Most clients and agencies overlook this. Most agencies choose to ignore this.

Why trust an agency owner whose past is unknown, maybe operating under guises of multiple agencies.

Aisha never used other names nor did she allow the copying of her name for exploitation of her reputation.

Bookings Methodology

Its not that simple: our duties dont stop at making appointments. We maintain strong relationships with our clients to help them on their life-journey of sexual experiences. Men are complicated!

Escorts are people: going forward we hope our clients appreciate that an enjoyable appointment is founded on an interaction with another person, perhaps requiring an adjustment in their expectations.

Different Goals: unlike other agencies Aisha will pass up the opportunity to make a quick buck. If she feels an escort is unsuitable for a client's request she will not make the appointment. Likewise should a caller have a bad attitude or is the sort that makes an escort job an unhappy one, she refuses the booking request. Money isn't everything!

The Meat-market way: other Asian escorts London agencies operate a mass-market quick turnover approach. List as many possible escorts as they can with no thought on the actual service available from each provider. Profiles are thin in content, pre-written templates ensuring the cheapest solution to publishing in the quickest way. Quick cycles of new girls push bad ones further down the gallery page, no acceptance of responsibility for the punters bad experiences.

Del-Boy mentality: by gaining a high position on an internet search engine they don't have to care about bookings going awry as they can capitalise on high turnover of the customer base. Names are quickly reused to help mix things up. If things get really bad, the agency owner simply opens another website, changes a few background colours and starts off the operation all over again.

Our girls Gallery

Quantity does not mean Quality.

Yes comparatively we have a lower number of escorts than our competitors. Receive exactly the same applications from escorts, but Aisha bases acceptance on far stringent criteria.

Boutique escorts agency: Aisha wants only the best escorts that she will have no hesitation to book for her clients. She spends more effort, time and money on developing the profiles of escorts that show promise and receive continuous positive feedback. Great service acheived through sheer hard work and effort should get the exposure that escort deserves. This approach can be more expensive to implement on a per provider basis than the meat-market approach.

Different business model: however, commitment to upholding this quality service ethic can see a high level of bookings earned subject to lower volatility and even with consistency.

So why no Monkey-see Monkey-do? Other agencies can't implement this approach: don't have Aisha's level of experience working as an escort, her understanding of clients' needs or the decency and respect she shows towards other escorts.

New Escorts

Simply our newest escorts for your consideration. To keep standards high, Aisha collects feedback on all new joiners for at least 1 month before deciding whether to grant them full Invasian status.

A-Level Experts ®

Unlike other agencies, Aisha understands what punters expect of a great A Level escort. These are service providers deemed to be 'A-Level Experts', a term Aisha pioneered the use of whilst tyring to describe the best A-Level girls. This title is given to a provider after an overwhelming amount of independent feedback on their A-Level service confirms so.

PSE Escorts

London escorts that establish themselves as having more "hardcore" characters are referred to by punters as providing a Porn Star Experience (PSE) or simply as PSE Escorts. As the definition of a PSE is subjective, you are advised to read up on reviews/field-reports/forums to hear other punters' experiences of time spent with the service provider.

Asian GFE Escort

Concerning the issue of intimacy felt between an escort and her client, an escort who provides services that feels like a Girlfriend Experience is highly sought after. An Asian escort GFE typifies the concept of an Oriental fantasy.

Petite Escort

Our escorts that have a petite physique. These petite Orientals have dress sizes of 6 to 8, and height at most 5ft 3inches.

Busty Escorts

A hostess may be referred to as a busty escort if they have particularly large bust sizes, ranging from 34C and above. PLEASE NOTE: This includes both girls with enhanced breasts (silicone implants) and those who have natural busts.


Natural escorts are only those with natural breasts. PLEASE NOTE: This includes some who are naturally busty.


Providers capable of offering a dominatrix twist whilst being in the dominant / "on-top" role may be referred to as a Dominatrix escort. PLEASE NOTE: there are no providers offering a sub / bottom / receiving role. From experience, Aisha knows it takes a certain resolve with an unflintching role-play ability and a deep-rooted kinky imagination to provide pleasure through pain. Hence shown are escorts who have previously provided such booking requests successfully. Most Agencies deem the inclusion of a photo in PVC outfit suffices to proclaim an escort can do dom. These agencies don't share your kinky tastes so how can they understand what you want?

Invasian Escorts

A bespoke London based escorts Agency dedicated to promoting only the most reliable and professional Asian-Oriental hostesses. Established in 2010 by the top London Asian escort Aisha.

Asian Escorts Bookings: London, W2, United Kingdom.

Tel: 07919 812 830 or 07747 521 438


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